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Review of Sinowon in Stuttgart, Germany Control2010 Exhibition

Sinowon Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. carry the team of technical, manufacturing and sales members attend the Stuttgart, Germany Control2010 Exhibition in May 8-14, 2010.
As an international top-level quality control exhibition, many industrial world-renowned enterprises, such as Zeiss, Nikon, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Malta and other companies have participated in the exhibition. In order to better showcase and promote the "Sinowon" brand, our company exhibited Measuring Microscope SVM505, Zoom Stereo Microscope A5 with 4 LED light source, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope IMS-320.
Through this exhibition platform, we made a high-level dialogue with world-renowned brand companies, "tSinowon" brand has been better promoted and recognized, and we also had a very good communication with the clients of Italy, the United States, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Romania and other regions , we gained the regional agents and OEM manufacturing and brand promoting opportunities.
The exhibition has made more people know Sinowon, and we gained widespread acclaim. It also actively promoted the Sinowon brand to the world and helped us established more confidence.


 Zoom Stereo Microscope A5 with 4 LED light source