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17th China Dongguan International Machinery & Materials Exhibition Ceremony
Thanks for this exhibition, people know more about Sinowon, which also help to build up our confidence to promote our products all over the world.
17th China Dongguan International Machinery & Materials Exhibition 2015 Ceremony has successful ending on November 21st,2015, it is the most biggest International Machine Exhibtion in south China which attract many famous world-class manufacturers such as Keyence, Zeiss. Nikon, Mitutoyo and so on.
Sinowon display the most featured Optical Inspection Instrument and hardness tester on the exhibition. Firstly, it is One Key Instant Vision Measuring System, which is most attractive because of its quickly and high efficiency and it can also save time and labor cost; Ultrasonic hardness tester has widely application and high accuracy and stability; Brinell Video Measuring System which can operate simply with high accuracy and high reliability; Video Measuring Microscope combine with video observation, take and save picture function, and it has high cost-performance. What is the most important is that there are many customers from domestic and foreign are interested in it, and after they operate and experience by themselves, they gave highly praise for the quality and performance. During these three days, we communicate with more than two thousand customers, and we also discuss the update and development of our series machine together. In particularly, we are appreciated that our distributor from United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, Korean and other counties are coming and supply big support for us. Thanks for their recognition and support that we Sinowon believe we are confident in promoting our brand to the world.

Distributors from England, Korea, Malaysia,etc

Thankfully, we succeed in selling out two machines such as portable Leeb Hardness Tester and Manual Rockwell Hardness tester on the spot. And there are more than two hundred customers are intent to purchase our Instant Vision Measuring System, Ultrasonic Hardness Tester, Brinell Video Measuring System after exhibition and so on.
In order to meet with our customer’s requirement, we will strive to make measurement more accurate and uncomplicated. We will always think with customer as the start point, manage corporation with motto “Satisfaction, Innovation, Norm, Obligation, Worth, Openness, Nimble”, focus on R & D and management to provide excellent quality and service.



One Key Instant Vision Measuring System


Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester


Ultrasonic Hardness Tester


Brinell Optical Measurement System 


Crowded with Interested Customers