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Warm Congratulations on Exporting 20 Sets Universal Hardness Tester SHR-187.5

 In 2012, the European debt crisis continued fermentation and orders from Europe are shrinking. The original instrument dealers cut inventory and open source throttling. The trade volume with China suppliers is given priority to with small batches, resulting in export of Chinese Hardness Tester to Europe declining in large scale. Sinowon strives for the survival by quality, development by service, with concentration on professional attitude impressing clients. Eventually, in October 2012 ,20 sets Universal Hardness Tester SHR-187.5 was ordered, contributing to fulfilling sales mission this year.

 SHR - 187.5 set the Rockwell depth measurement and brinell、 vickers indentation measurement on one machine. By changing the indenter, test force and using the measuring microscope , the equipment can reach the function of testing the Rockwell,  Brinell, Vickers hardness.SHR - 187.5 shows the test results on analogue and measure the indention length by measuring microscope, then obtain HR, HV through hardness contrast table.

Technical specifications:
● Rockwell Testing Force: 60Kgf(588.4N)、100Kgf(980.7N)、150Kgf(1471N)
● Brinell Scales: HBW1/30、HBW2.5/62.5、HBW10/100、HBW2.5/187.5
● Brinell Testing Force: 31.25Kgf(306.5N)、62.5Kgf(612.9N、187.5Kgf(1839N)
● Vickers Scales: HV 30、HV100
● Vickers Testing Force: 30Kgf(294.2N)、100Kgf(980.7N)
● Rockwell Resolution: 0.5HR
● Loading Control: Electronic
● Dwell Time: Adjustable 2~60s
● Max. Height Of SpecimenRockwell: 170mm; Brinell, Vickers:140mm
● Instrument Throat: 165mm