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Successful Demo Machine Special Buying Activity
With the philosophy of “ To Make Quality Control More Accurate and Uncomplicated ”, combined with the customers’ feedback obtained during so many years, new products Color Touch Screen Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester Vexus SHR-150D, Digital Macro Vickers Hardness Tester Vicky HV-10 / HV-30 / HV-50, Color Touch Screen Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester Vicky MHV-1000, Color Touch Screen Digital Brinell Hardness Tester,Vexus SHB-3000D, has been getting a high praise when released, for the friendly and simple touch-screen operation panel, bluetooth transferring function, a definitely new customer experience and measuring accuracy.
Appreciating loyal support and affections from lots of distributors during these years, SINOWON released a total of 10 sets of demo machine at special price, once news was informed of, all the demo machine was totally sold out in a sharply short 3 days.
We, SINOWON will make persistent efforts, in view of end customers, develop more new products combined with Internet in time to pay back.

Vicky HV-10
Vexus SHB-3000D
Vicky MHV-1000
Vexus SHR-150D

Mr.Fu (President, Chengdu), Mr.Zhu (President, Kunshan); Mr.Fan (President, Taiwan); Mr.Li(President, Gyeonggi-do Korea) and Mr.Zhao(President, Busan Korea); Mr.Lin(President, Thailand); Mr.Shen(President, Canada); Hasan(Turcky); Jacob(Czech); Kris(Chile), etc.

Thanks a million for your active participation and loyal support, SINOWON will make all the delivery before Spring Festival vacation of 2015.

Dongguan Sinowon Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd
January 31th, 2015