Brinell Optical Measurement System BrinScan 838-380
Brief Introduction: 
Brinell Hardness measurement System applies advanced machine vision technology with USB portable camera to take picture for Brinell indentation. It can accurately recognize the indentation image in complicated background, measure the hardness value precisely and display on software interface. It realizes fast and simple, and reliable test process and the measurement of indentetion image will not be affected by operator,surface roughness and other factors.
● BrinScan can work with almost Brinell hardness testers, because of brinell method apply big loading force and generate big indentation, it is suitable to test hardness of coarse-grained metals, like cast iron, non ferrous metal and their alloy, sale of steels, etc.
● Soft metals are also available to test, like Aluminium, copper, plumbum, tin, zinc and their alloy, etc.
● Mainly used in steel industry, automobiles, heat treatment, college lab, etc.
● Stylish appearance, portable and high definition USB camera, optimized ergonomic design, comfortable hand feeling.
● Convenient operation, click auto-measuring button after finding the indentation, it will simultaneously display the indentation diameter and Brinell hardness value and do data record.
● Measurement accuracy of diameter can reach 0.001mm, totally conform ASTM E-10,GBT 231,ISO_6506 and other standards.
● Available to setup tolerance (upper limit& lower limit)
● Available to realize hardness conversion according to ASTM_E140,DIN 50150,GBT_1172, etc.
● Available to setup auto-save image and corresponding measuring result files, generating reports.
● Available to setup and auto-save date, hardness parameters, hardness value, and storage location of images.
● For image files and data files, opening, saving, printing, modification, invoking can be carried out.
● Real-time statistics measuring data, display Max, Min, Ave, deviation, CP, CK, etc.

Software Introduction:
1, Friendly Operation Interface

Super simple operation interface,users
can learn to operate withinone minute
without reading manual operation.


2, Auto Identification Measurement

Finding out the indentation
edge automatically and precisely,
calculating indentation diameter
and Brinell hardness value; for
shaggy specimen, it can do
ragging automatically and measure
the indentation.

3, High Definition Indentation

Applies special ring-shaped light
source, progressive lens, clear
image and terrific contrast.


4, Magnetic Touch
Can attract on the specimen without
support, convenient for moving.
5, Auto-save Data and Generate Report 
Historical data can be saved
automatically and review at any
time. The system can output the
image and analyzed result into
Excel, Word or edit column in
the computer system from which
users can make the final test
report via general reporting
procedures like Microsoft MS
6, Powerful Compatibility
Available to co-use with any Brinell
Hardness Tester.