Metallurgical Microscope
Upright Metallurgical Microscope UMS-310 432-123


UMS-310 Characteristics:
▶   Long working distance plan achromatic ojectives(no cover glass) and wide-field eyepices,can get clear pictures and wide view field.
▶   Large move range mechanical stages, move quikly and slowly.
▶   Coalxial coarse/fine focus system,with tensional adjustable and up stop,minimum division of fine focusing:0.7um.
▶   6V 30W halogen lamp,adjuastable brightness.
▶   Trinocular ,can switch to observe normally or to observe polarize,can send 100% of light to the binocular eyepice or to the port.

Standard Delivery:
Product Name Upright Metallurgical Microscope Code#
Model UMS-310 432-123
Three layer Mechanical Stage Size:280X270mm 432-413
moving range:8"X8" (204X204mm)  
Eyepiece Wide field WF10X(Ø18mm) 432-513
Objectives Plan achromatic objective 5X/0.12 432-623
Working distance:26.1
Plan achromatic objective 10X/0.25 432-633
Working distance:20.2
Plan achromatic objective 20X/0.40 432-643
Working distance:8.80
Plan achromatic objective 40X/0.60 432-653
Working distance:3.18
Plan achromatic objective 80X/0.80 432-683
Working distance:1.25
Eyepiece tube Trinocular, Inclination of 30°,
(Analyzer with field diaphragm to switch)
Nosepiece Quadruple (Frontward ball bearing inner locating) 432-603
Focus system Stage adjustable, Coaxial coarse/fine focus system,
with tension adjustable and up stop,
minimum division of fine focusing: 0.7um
6V 20Whalogen lamp, adjustable brightness
Color Filter Yellow, Blue , Green Color Filter, Ground glass 432-303

Image Analysis Software


CCD adapter 

Optional Accessories:
Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Wide field WF16X(Ø11mm) 432-553 Dividing10X(Ø22mm) 0.1mm/Div 432*513
Plan achromatic objective 50X/0.70 432-663  Plan achromatic objective 60X/0.75 (Spring) 432@673 
Plan achromatic objective 100X/0.85 (Spring) 432@693  Plan achromatic objective 100X/0.85 (Spring,oil) 432-693 
CCD adapter 1X 432-733 CCD adapter 0.5x 432-723
META VISION Software 433-101 0.5X with dividing 0.1mm/Micrometer scale 432*723 

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