Stereo Microscope
3D Motorized Video Zoom Microscope 3D Scope-3030 451-301

3D Scope-3030(#451-301)

 3D Scope Series Characteristics:
3D scope is the high-power digital zoom video microscope inspection system to inspect  three dimension structures,such as SMT solders joints,QFP,capacitors connectors,wire bonds,medical stents, medical devices and chemical powders.
3D scope has a special 45 degree oblique viewing adapter which is motorized to rotate around the sample for three dimensional viewing,3D scope is able to see things not possible with traditional 2D microscope.

立体显微镜3D Scope系列 立体显微镜3D Scope系列 立体显微镜3D Scope系列
立体显微镜3D Scope系列 立体显微镜3D Scope系列 立体显微镜3D Scope系列

Product  Name 3D Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope
Model 3D Scope-3030 3D Scope-3045
Code# 451-301 451-311
Oblique Viewing 30° 45°
Rotary Viewing Angle 360°
Optical Zoom Magnification 0.35x-2.25x
Digital Video Magnification 25x-162x
VGA Camera Image Output: 1/2.5〞Color Camera
Resolution: 1.3M(1280×-1024×)
Auto Balance
Power Supply:DC 12V
LCD Monitor Display Size: 17〞Square Screen
Image Output: AV,VGA,HDMI
With Balance and R.G.B Setting
View Angle: 160°/160°
Power Supply: DC 12V
Illumination Built-in Adjustable LED Ring Lightsource
Motor DC 5V Servo Motor
Cotroller Box Direction Control: Clockwise and Counter-clockwise
Rotation speed: Fast/Slow/Stop
LED light intensity
Power supply:90-250V/50Hz or 60Hz
Application Industry SMT,PCB,BGA,etc

3D Microscope body

17〞TFT-LCD TV monitor

servo motor

3D Image Mirror

Standard Delivery:
Product Name Code# Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
3D Microscope body 451-300 Built-in DC servo motor 451-600 17〞TFT-LCD TV monitor 484-465
Built-in adjustable
ring LED illumination
451-620 0.5×CCD adapter 451-121 1/2.5〞Color Camera 484-121
LED illuminator and
servo motor Cotroller
451-610 Microscope stand 411-201 3D Image Mirror 451-410


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