Stereo Microscope
Zoom Stereo Microscope A7 Series  A7 #411-322
Binocular Zoom A7   Trioncular Zoom A7T

Zoom A7 series zoom stereo Microscope owns large zoom ratio, magnification from low to high non-flash in focusing course, large depth of field, long working distance. Kinds of attachments are available. It can match with various stands. Trinocular main body can connect with CCD (COMS) camera, digital camera or film camera. Kinds of eyepieces, divisional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives can be selected. It can match LED ring illuminator, ring fluorescent lamp, fiber illuminator etc. It can satisfy the demands of inspection, measurement and analysis in modern biology, medicine, environment, agriculture, forestry, chemistry industry, police, micro-electronics, semiconductorsetc. Fields. It is widely used in schools, biology engineering and science research, industry assembly, test and measurement and quality control.

Model Binocular Zoom A7 Trioncular Zoom A7T
Code# 411-322 411-332
Objective 0.8x~5x Zoom Objective, Zoom Ration 6.25x
Eyepiece High eye-point and wide-field eyepiece WF10X/22mm
Optional WF15X/16mm,WF20X/12mm and object micrometer is available
Magnification 8x~50x,it can extend to 34x~200x
Zoom Driver Horizontal Axial Driver Control Knobs
Working Distance 115mm(effective distance),it can extend to 43.5mm~211mm
Microscope Head Binocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable  Trinocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable
Interpupillary distance adjustment range 52~75mm with bilateral ±6 diopter
Microscope Holder Focus adjustment range 50mmm,focusing knobs elasticity adjustable
Drawtube diameter 76mm
Microscope Stand Pillar diameter 32mm and high 240mm
Black & white working board diameter 125mm
Auxiliary Objective 0.5X/211mm, and 2X/43.5mm optional

Optical Specification:
Main Body Auxiliary Objective
0.5X 1X 2X
0.8 X ~5 X (#416-312) (#416-322) (#416-342)
10X Total Magnification 4x~25x 8x~50x 16x~100x
Field of view 55~8.8mm 27.5~4.4mm 13.8~2.2mm
15X Total Magnification 6x~37.5x 12x~75x 24x~150x
Field of view 40~ 6.4mm 20~3.2mm 10 ~1.6mm
20X Total Magnification 8x~50x 16x~100x 32x~200x
Field of view 31.2~ 5mm 15.6~2.5mm 7.8~1.3mm
Working Distance(mm) 211 115 43.5