Stereo Microscope
Zoom Stereo Microscope A3 series A3T #411-132
Binocular Zoom A3   Trioncular Zoom A3T

Zoom A3 series was a high performance zoom stereo microscope that positively formed the image, horizontal type zoom, zoom ratio is 1:7, working distance is 103mm.
It was constructed by guide post, light and comfortable. Repeatedly calibrate the main instrument image at the image transferring function to obtain super clear range, observation angle 45 °and 60 °are for optional, the focusing part are adopted advanced ball type guide rail, smoothly and comfortable lifting, exquisite appearance. Large field of view(22mm), high diopter. Convenient for maintence , clearance and adjustment. This instrument is widely used for medical service, agriculture, geology, electronic precision mechanical industry and department, especially suitable for LC bare chip inspection, LCD printing paste inspection, LED production inspection, PCB inspection, press and electroplating, electronic parts inspection etc.

Model Binocular Zoom A3 Trioncular Zoom A3T
Code# 411-122 411-132
Objective 0.67x~4.5x Zoom Objective, Zoom Ration 6.7x
Eyepiece High eye-point and wide-field eyepiece WF10X/22mm
Optional WF15X/16mm,WF20X/12mm,WF25X/9mm and object micrometer is available
Magnification 6.7x~45x,it can extend to 3.35x~180x
Zoom Driver Horizontal Axial Driver Control Knobs
Working Distance 105mm(effective distance),it can extend to 26mm~177mm
Microscope Head Binocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable  Trinocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable
Interpupillary distance adjustment range 54~76mm with bilateral ±5 diopter
Microscope Holder Focus adjustment range 50mmm,focusing knobs elasticity adjustable
Drawtube diameter 76mm
Microscope Stand Pillar diameter 32mm and high 240mm
Black & white working board diameter 95mm
Auxiliary Objective 0.5X/177mm,1.5X/47mm and 2X/26mm optional

Optical Specification:
Main Body Auxiliary Objective
0.5X 1X 1.5X 2X
0.67 X ~4.5 X (#416-312) (#416-322) (#416-332) (#416-342)
10X Total Magnification 3.4x~22.5x 6.7x~45x 10.1x~67.5x 13.4x~90x
Field of view 65.7~9.8mm 32.8~4.9mm 21.9~3.3mm 16.4~2.4mm
15X Total Magnification 5.0x~33.8x 10.1x~67.5x 15.1x~101.3x 20.1x~135x
Field of view 47.8~ 7.1mm 23.9~3.6mm 15.9~2.4mm 11.9~1.8mm
20X Total Magnification 6.7x~45x 13.4x~90x 20.1x~135x 26.8x~180x
Field of view 35.8~ 5.3mm 17.9~2.7mm 11.9~1.8mm 9~1.3mm
30X Total Magnification 8.4x~56.3x 16.8x~112.5x 25.1x~168.8x 33.5x~225x
Field of view 26.9~ 4mm 13.4~2mm 9~1.3mm 6.7~1.0mm
Working Distance(mm) 177 105 47 26