Video Microscope
2D Monocular Video Zoom Microscope VM 6517 451-131

VM 6517(#451-131)

VM 65 Series Characteristics:
   VM 65 vision Microscope using Telecentric optical design, the ege sharpness and field flatness can reach to level of feild center.It is suitable for the detection of high-precision industries,with optical coaxis illumination, polarizing device,DIC and spectroscopic devices attachments,and it can be connected with〝infinity〞metallurgical objective lens for maximum electronic magnification 3240×.




Model VM6517 VM6517C
Code# 451-131 451*131
Zoom lens Rang 6.5× Zoom Lens 0.7-4.5×Coaxis Zoom Lens
Working Distance 91mm
Color Camera 1/3〞VGA Color Camera
LCD Monitor 17″HDMI HD LCD
Electronic Magnification 50.4X~324X
Illumination LED Illumination


APO Objective

Standard Delivery:
Product Name Code# Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
Zoom lens(VM6517) 421-001 LED Illumination(VM6517) 413-126 17″HDMI HD LCD 484-465
Coaxis Zoom lens(VM6517C) 421*001 Point Illumination(VM6517C) 425-161 VGA CMOS Camera VGA-A2 484-121
Microscope General Stand MS6 414-061 1×CCD Adapter 417-001 Microscope Stand 411-201

Optical Accessories:
Product Name Code# Product Name Code# Product Name Code#
2×APO Objective(VM6517C) 425-002 5×APO Objective(VM6517C) 425-005 10×APO Objective(VM6517C) 425-010
0.5×Auxiliary Objective 423*053 Mechancal Stage WT 5 419-153 2×Auxiliary Objective 423*203
Mechancal Stage WT 1 419-111 PC System HP Microscope General Stand MS7 414-071
VGA CMOS Camera VGA-A3 484-131 2GB SD Card 484-611 USB CMOS Camera USB-A1 484-141

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