Measuring Microscopes
Measuring Microscope STM-3020A STM-3020A 532-160


Measuring Microscope STM-3020A Series
Product Features 
▶   Bright field observation, clear and flare less obverse image, wide field of view.
▶   Long working distance objectives, up to optical 1000x magnification Aperture diaphragms in the transmitted illumination and reflected illumination system as standard feature.
▶   The quick-release system, which is especially useful in long-stroke measurements.
▶   Focus and measure using the fine/coarse movement handle with the large-size grips on both sides of the column.
▶   Zero-set switches (X- and Y-axis) are also located near the stage feed handles.
▶   Available with the Vision Unit for upgrading to a vision measuring system.

Technical Specifications
Microscope Model STM-2015A STM-3020A
Code # 532-150 532-160
X/Y-axis travel 200x150mm 300x200mm
Scale Resolution  0.5um
XY Stage Measuring Accuracy at 20ºC. (2+L/200) μm L: measuring length
Observation Image Obverse image (Erect Image is available)
Eyepiece Tube Binocular Eyepiece: WF10/20
Objective Lens Only 5x is standard delivery;
Optional: 10X, 20X, 50x 100x
Contour Illumination Adjustable LED
Surface Illumination Adjustable LED
Z Axis Travel Range Standard focus travel:150mm, 200mm is optional
Z Axis Focusing Manual focusing (Coarse/fine)
XY Stage Floating Function Quick release mechanism
Display Unit Function Zero setting, Direction switching,
Data output via RS-232
Power Supply  AC220/50HZ; AC110V/60Hz
Optional Accessories High-Precision Rotary Table RT4(D:165mm), RT5(262mm)
Digital Readout DP300
Quickmeasuring Measuring Software QM2.0
CCD adapter and CCD camera 

Optical Specification
Name Objective  Eyepiece WF10/22
N.A. W.D.(mm) f(mm)’ R(um) ±△p(um) Magnification Visual Field(mm)
5x 0.15 11.6 40 2.1 16.3 50x ¢4.4
10x 0.3 6.3 20 0.9 3.1 100x ¢2.2
20x 0.4 10.3 10 0.69 1.8 200x ¢1.1
50x 0.8 2 4 0.34 0.4 500x ¢0.44
100x 0.8 1.96 2 0.34 0.2 100x ¢0.22

CCD Chip
Wafer Observation

FOG Observation
IC Package


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