A borescope is generally an inexpensive device

by:Sinowon     2020-12-25

The micro borescope is a flexible instrument that is thin and suitable for inspecting small inspection areas. The diameter of these instruments is about 0.35mm. Its small diameter makes it suitable for inspecting miniature components like turbine cooling holes and castings.

Fiberscopes are instruments with optical fiber bundles comprising of a lens and an eyepiece. The flexible devices can be stretched across tight corners and used to estimate the distal end. The fiber optic content of a flexible fiberscope is crucial for an improved image resolution.

A videoscope or flexible video borescope has a small CCD situated at the end of the device. Videoscopes offer excellent image quality and video probe. The device has a diameter of about 8 mm and a length of 50 ft. The different variations of the videoscope provide digital image capture and recording facilities.

A pipe inspection camera provides straight vision at the end point of a push rod. The camera can be used to inspect pipes of 200 feet length and 30 mm diameter. Adjustable LEDs are present in this kind of cameras; the device also has a flexible rod for inspecting corners. The pipe inspection cameras are used to inspect lengthy pipes and industrial lines for digital image recording.

Thermal cameras are used for thermography. In thermography, an infrared camera is used for viewing the emitted thermal energy. The cameras permit you to see the heat radiation and provide accurate temperature measurements.

As most systems used in industries get heated quickly, thermal cameras can be used for problem inspection. The thermal camera is a cost effective solution for most applications in the industry. Apart from being used as a diagnostic tool, the camera can enhance the quality of the product, manage energy resources, increase manufacturing efficiency and provide better workplace safety.

Some industrial plants use advanced foreign material technology for secure start up of machinery. The Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) program can be used to prevent malfunction by locating and retrieving foreign material from the industrial system. The technology can be used along with borescope inspection camera for better problem inspection.

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