All license management providers are not built the same

by:Sinowon     2020-12-23


Many software license management companies come and go as quickly as the summer changes to fall. A true providers mission is to protect the revenues of your creation and maximize the usage of the software for the end users. A trusted name enhances user experience through exceptional customer service. Look for a name that not only stands behind their product but also uses feedback from actual customer experiences.

In addition to customer service and consistent advancement of products, a provider should have a track record of positive business oriented results. Look for historical accomplishments with other software licenses and where the companies they have helped are at currently. Past successful principles that led to helping ISV's become successful companies is a key sign that you may have a solid company to be on board with. Achievement comes with repetitive discipline and it cannot be done overnight. It's the leaders whose vision and experience drives your software management experience to great heights or nightmares and low depths. Find out what experience the leadership has in creating value with ISV's and end users.


Many software management companies claim they are committed, however they fall short when certain fundamental policies need to be in place. There are many software license managers that are too rigid when dealing with the nature of your product. Can they allow your end user to test the trial version and then convert the trials into permanent licenses either by embedding activation within your product or a web page?

Flexibility should be a core model of their business because you need it to stay ahead in the fast paced game of technology. Do you need to fine-tune the license model you're providing to your end users? Will you have to reprogram your source code? You should be able to work through those issues easily and simply by reissuing a license. Can your software license provide that? It should.

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