How to reduce the influence of temperature on the error of the coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-28
How to reduce the influence of temperature on the error of the coordinate measuring machine? Published: 2019-11-25 Source: As a high-precision measuring instrument, a coordinate measuring machine has certain requirements for the temperature of the working environment, but many people do not pay attention to it during use Temperature factors cause errors, so how to reduce the influence of temperature on CMM errors? The normal working temperature of the coordinate measuring machine should be 20℃±2℃. Whether it is assembly debugging or length reference correction, it needs to be carried out at this temperature. Otherwise, the temperature deviation will affect the measurement accuracy. The following wonderful machine will share with you the improvement. Some suggestions for temperature error conditions: Air conditioner wind direction influence: The air conditioner of the coordinate measuring machine should be selected as the inverter air conditioner as far as possible. The inverter air conditioner has good energy-saving performance, and the most important thing is the strong temperature control ability. In the case of normal capacity, the temperature can be controlled within the range of 20℃±1℃. Since the temperature of the air blown by the air conditioner is not 20℃, the wind must not be directly blown onto the coordinate measuring machine. But it is also impossible to turn the wind direction to the wall or one side. As a result, the temperature difference in the equipment room is very large while the temperature is hot while the other is cool. The installation of the air conditioner should be planned, and the wind should be blown to the main place in the room, and the wind direction should form a large circulation (not to the measuring machine), and the indoor temperature should be balanced as much as possible. If conditions permit, an air duct should be installed to send the wind to the top of the room through the double-layer orifice plate, and the return air outlet is in the lower part of the room. In this way, the airflow can flow irregularly, which can make the temperature control of the computer room more reasonable. Air conditioner switching time influence: At present, many companies turn on the air conditioner when using the coordinate measuring machine, and then turn it off immediately after use. In fact, this method has a great influence on the accuracy of the coordinate measuring machine. To keep the temperature of the coordinate measuring machine consistent with the air temperature, it needs to be kept at a constant temperature for more than 24 hours. The air conditioner is turned on and off so that the temperature of the machine room is always changing, and the temperature of the measuring machine is also changing. At this time, the machine is in an unstable state. The accuracy will be very poor. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioner every morning when you go to work, and turn off the air conditioner after get off work in the evening. The accuracy of the measuring machine can be stabilized after the temperature of the standby room stabilizes for about 4 hours. The influence of the structure of the computer room: Since the coordinate measuring machine requires a constant temperature in the computer room, the computer room should be well insulated. If there are windows, double-layer windows should be used and sunlight should be avoided. Moreover, the transition room should be used as far as possible at the door to reduce temperature loss. The choice of air conditioning in the computer room should be equal to that of the room. If the computer room is too large or too small, it will cause difficulties in temperature control. The difference between the grating temperature of each axis and the temperature of the parts will affect the measurement results of the coordinate measuring machine. This is the main factor causing the measurement error, so in addition to purchasing high-precision equipment, it is necessary to do a good job of temperature control in the computer room . At present, Miaoji Technology can provide a variety of high-quality coordinate measuring machines, one-key measuring instruments and other equipment!
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