Image measuring instrument, image measuring instrument, two-dimensional image measuring instrument, automatic image measuring instrument, automatic detection, automatic measuring instrument_How to use remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring

by:Sinowon     2021-05-13

1 Water environment pollution monitoring The remote sensing monitoring of water bodies is mainly based on the study of the reflection spectrum characteristics of polluted water and clean water. In general, the reflectivity of clean water is relatively low, the water has a strong absorption of light, and the strong molecular scattering only exists in the shorter spectral range. Therefore, in general remote sensing images, the water body appears as dark tones, especially in the infrared spectrum. In order to monitor water quality, remote sensing technology with water spectrum characteristics and water color as indicators can be used. Marine oil pollution and dumping of wastes into the ocean are important reasons for the deterioration of the marine environment. More than 10 million tons of oil and its products are discharged into the ocean every year in the world. The disastrous impact on marine ecology is immeasurable. The Renhai River continuously discharges chemical fertilizers from farmland along the coast, domestic wastewater and industrial sewage from cities into the ocean, which causes the continuous expansion of marine pollution, the deterioration of the ecological environment, and the decline of environmental quality. The application of remote sensing satellites, especially marine remote sensing satellites, can search for oil pollution and chemical pollution in a large area, and can also estimate the scope of pollution and its spread, thereby providing necessary data and information for marine environmental protection departments. 2 Atmospheric pollution monitoring Atmospheric remote sensing monitoring mainly uses meteorological satellites to regularly monitor the atmospheric temperature and the vertical distribution of water vapor. The main factors affecting the quality of the atmospheric environment are the aerosol content and various harmful gases, and these physical quantities are usually impossible to directly identify with remote sensing methods. Trace gas components such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, and methane have radiation and absorption spectra inherent to their respective molecules. Therefore, they are actually calculated from the results by measuring the scattering, absorption and radiation spectra of the atmosphere. Measure direct light from the sun (moon, stars) passing through the atmosphere, scattered light from the atmosphere and clouds, reflected light from the earth's surface, and thermal radiation from the atmosphere and the earth's surface to measure them by absorption spectroscopy or emission spectroscopy. To find the density of atmospheric gas molecules. Remote sensing images can directly analyze the distribution and content of atmospheric aerosols, while harmful gases are usually not directly displayed on remote sensing images. Only indirect interpretation signs—the sensitivity of plants to harmful gases can be used to infer the degree of atmospheric pollution. And nature. 3 Ground pollution and land use development monitoring Ground pollution also uses indirect interpretation, which is determined by the special changes caused by the growth of crops in the contaminated area, which have a different spectral performance from the crops in the normal growth area. Regular monitoring of ground operations can detect changes in land use patterns in order to manage resources. Artificial buildings are particularly easy to measure due to their high reflectivity and regularity of shape. Therefore, through remote sensing images, the scale and speed of urban expansion can be reliably tracked in urban planning, and special problems such as heat loss from poorly insulated buildings can also be identified. Finally, remote sensing can also be used to monitor deforestation and estimate the scale and speed of pasture reclamation.

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