Image measuring instrument is very important for medical device testing

by:Sinowon     2021-05-05

Image measuring instruments are very important for medical device testing. Precise manufacturing of medical equipment In this important part, the accuracy of parts and components is essential to ensure the quality of medical equipment. However, there are still problems that the measurement and testing of the medical device industry face more special and strict requirements and difficulties. For example, the shape of certain precision products, such as medical implant intervention products, injection needles, minimally invasive interventional vascular stents and catheter products, are very soft and easily deformable, so they are necessary for products such as medical equipment, such as image measuring instruments. Such equipment can complete all measurement tasks. First of all, the image measuring instrument can support a large magnification of 256 times, which can effectively improve small-sized parts that accurately measure the size, such as medical injection needles and test tubes, and improve the accuracy of the product. According to actual measurement requirements, auxiliary tools such as prisms can be used to flexibly solve the measurement requirements of the inner diameter of workpieces such as medical seals, stoppers and bottle caps. The measurement software provided by the image measuring instrument has all the functions of measuring geometric tolerances and geometric tolerances, especially for the roundness of needles, blood vessels and other dimensions, and solves the complex shapes, softness and deformation of medical equipment. In addition, laser measurement functions can be added to quickly measure and draw curved and curved medical products. As a professional manufacturer of image measuring instruments, it is necessary to know how to maintain the equipment well and extend its service life to create greater Sliding value, in order to ensure the accuracy of the image measuring instrument, it is naturally inseparable from the fine production and subsequent cleaning and maintenance. In the process of cleaning the image measuring instrument, using salt water is one of the methods. When using it, you must pay attention to the use of special Gauze towels are used for sampling. Ordinary gauze contains soluble substances, which will cause the measurement result to become larger. When wiping the surface of the insulator of the image measuring instrument with salt water, do not lose water, otherwise the measurement result will be too small. The image measuring instrument should be soaked in distilled water or deionized water before use to remove the dirt on the electrode surface. After use, clean it with distilled water and dry it before storing to keep the conductivity electrode clean. The image measuring instrument is an important testing instrument produced by the enterprise , Good maintenance and cleanliness are the guarantee of the economic interests of the enterprise. As a necessary product for the future development of medical machinery, image measuring instrument, with the development of today's science and technology, continuous innovation is required, and the precise measurement of data by image measuring instruments is indispensable.

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