LK-3000HT impact test system

by:Sinowon     2021-07-01
LK-3000HT impact test system

ufeffLK-3000HT impact test system measuring instrument has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, high precision and easy to use. Can directly calculate impact energy; save 60 historical data; 6 kinds of unit conversion. Two-screen display, can display real-time angle and angle peak or energy; technical indicators: angle measurement: Sensor: 2500 code photoelectric encoder (available 100-2500 Code photoelectric encoder) Resolution: 0.036 degrees (2500 code photoelectric encoder) Accuracy: 0.018 degrees (2500 code photoelectric encoder) Energy calculation: bin: 4 files method: potential energy-loss accuracy: 0.05% capacity: 1 – 9999 Settable energy unit: joule, kg-cm, kg-m, lb-in, lb-ft are interchangeable
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