Test method of torsion testing machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-16
Test method of torsion testing machine
This standard is suitable for testing the performance of metal wire with a diameter (or characteristic size) equal to or less than 10mm when it is twisted in a unidirectional or alternating direction, and the performance of the plastic deformation and the displayed metal inhomogeneity, surface defects and partial internal defects . This standard refers to the international standard ISO/DIS7800-1983 'Metal wire one-way torsion test' 1. Test principle: The metal wire torsion testing machine uses the sample itself as the axis, and twists uniformly in a unidirectional or alternating direction until the sample Breaking or reaching the specified number of torsion times 2. Symbols and descriptions: 3. Sample: 3.1 The sample should be taken from any part of the wire qualified for visual inspection. If the relevant standard or agreement between the two parties has other provisions on the sampling location, follow the regulations Perform 3.2 The sample should be as straight as possible. 3.3 When necessary, the sample can be straightened. When the hand cannot be straightened, the sample can be placed on a plane of wood, plastic or copper, and made of these materials. When the finished hammer is lightly hammered and straightened. 3.4 When straightening, the surface of the sample shall not be damaged or twisted. 3.5 Unless otherwise specified, the gauge length between the chucks of the testing machine is shown in the table:  4. : 4.1 The chuck of the testing machine should have sufficient hardness. 4.2 The position of the two chucks should ensure that the axis of the test sample coincides with the torsion axis. During the test, the testing machine shall not hinder the change in length between the chucks caused by the sample. 4.3 Two chucks One of them must not have any rotation, but can move freely in the axial direction, and the other end can only rotate around the axis of the sample. 4.4 The chuck that can move freely in the axial direction must have a tensioning force device 4.5 speed of the testing machine It should be able to adjust and have a device for measuring the speed of twisting, the number of twists, and a scale for measuring the length of the gauge length between the two chucks. 5. Test process 6. Test report: The test report should include the following: a. This standard number b. Sample mark (such as material type) c. Nominal diameter or characteristic size of the sample Dd. Sample preparation e. Test conditions (such as gauge length, tension, temperature) f. Test results (number of twists)

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