The performance characteristics of the computer-controlled cupping tester

by:Sinowon     2021-07-17
The developed computer-controlled cupping tester measurement and control system consists of a loading system, a transmission system, data acquisition, processing, computer control, and a display system. This machine is a special equipment for ductility testing of metal sheet and strip materials. It is also the only equipment currently used to evaluate the plastic deformation performance of metal materials in China. It conforms to the national standard GB/T 4156-2007 'Metal Cupping Test Method'. Computer control, display, full Chinese operation and display interface, display information is intuitive and easy to read, computer keyboard and mouse operation, equipped with Chinese display interface, make your operation easier, and you can complete it according to the order of the habitual prompt interface. System parameter settings.

Performance characteristics of cupping tester
1. The cupping testing machine adopts a new structure principle, which can realize constant rate control. (In the past, the afterburner of the cylinder oil source could not achieve constant rate control, and the accuracy and accuracy of the hydraulic sensor was also low).
2. The new cupping test machine produced by our company has been changed to the past oil source forcing to load the servo motor at a constant speed. At the same time, the hydraulic sensor is changed to a spoke sensor, which greatly improves the accuracy of the test cupping value. And precision.
3. The cupping value measuring instrument is an imported high-precision grating displacement sensor, and the indication error accuracy is within ±0.02mm, thereby improving the controllability and accuracy of the machine.
4. Both the hardware configuration and the force transmission principle have been greatly improved and improved compared with the original machine. The configuration of computer control realizes the perfection of the machine, and can realize the report, storage and batch of results. Times, curve drawing, etc.
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