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Ø400mm Digital Profile Projector VP400-3020


Congratulations for Singapore user has been installed Ø400 digital vertical profile projector VP400-3020 in Hanoi VietNam

Many thanks to the user from Singapore had already purchased Ø400 digital vertical profile projector VP400-3020 after comparing the projectors made in Japan and the USA.
VP400-3020 is equipped with a super large travel stage, the X/Y-axis travel range is 300x200mm. The load capacity is able to bear 25 Kg. The measuring accuracy is 3+L/200 μm, ensuring the high accuracy of the measurement.
Why customer choose VP400-3020 from us? Because the cold light source illuminating  system of the VP400-3020 absorb the user’s special attention. The projector from Japanese brand still adopted the halogen lamp for  illumination and the explosion of lambs occurs constantly.  However, the explosion of lambs have never happened ever since they used VP300-2010, it saves the consumption cost of  the users significantly.
Mr. Lin who is the customer QC manager said: the prices of  measuring projectors of Sinowon is a little expensive than the competitors, but it has reasonable performance and price, it deserves that cost.

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