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Sinowon STHZ Series Temperature & humidity and vibration three-in-one test chamberer

Sinowon STHZ Series Temperature & humidity and vibration three-in-one test chamberer

12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days

The three-integrated test chamber is an instrument that simulates high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature cycling, as well as constant and alternating damp heat tests. When coupled with a vibration table, it can achieve comprehensive testing of temperature, humidity, and vibration factors.

It is generally applicable to scientific research and production units such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, electronics, and communications to test the adaptability of products and materials to temperature, humidity, and vibration compound environmental changes during transportation and actual use, and to expose product defects. It is an essential and important testing method for the entire process of new product development, prototype testing, and product qualification testing.

Product Characteristic 

uMulti-purpose, combined with temperature, humidity and vibration, making testing more convenient;

uSelf-developed technology, ultra-large touch controller, can connect to the network for remote monitoring;

uHigh-end quality, the test chamber uses imported brand accessories to ensure the overall performance of the equipment;

uUniform temperature control, using automatic adjustment of air volume and wind speed, and adjusting the temperature controller technology to achieve linear temperature control;

uHigh intelligence, supporting computer connection, USB data storage, curve export and other functions.






Dimensions (W*H*D)mm



Exterior Dimensions


The external   dimensions and the dimensions of the vibration table top are customized   according to actual needs

Temperature Range

Low temperature: -70℃, -40℃, -20℃, 0℃, normal temperature;high   temperature: +100℃, +150℃)

Humidity Range

20% to 98% R.H or   10% to 98% R.H can be customized for non-standard test conditions

Temperature and   humidity stability


Temperature and   humidity uniformity

±1℃, ±2%

Temperature and   humidity deviation


Heating Time

Heating up about 4℃/min

Cooling Time

Temperature drop   of about 1℃/min (non-standard customization is available: rapid temperature   change of 5℃~25℃/min, with linear and nonlinear adjustable)

Inner box material

SUS#304 stainless   steel plate

Outer box material

Cold rolled steel   powder paint

Insulation   material

glass wool, foamed   polyurethane

Refrigeration   system

Imported fully   enclosed compressor unit or semi-enclosed high-efficiency compressor

Refrigeration   method

Air cooling or water cooling


Single-stage R-404A, cascade two-stage R-23

Heating and   humidifying system

Stainless steel finned   heating tube heating air;

Stainless steel sheathed   electric steam generation method (characteristics: excellent sealing,   effectively preventing steam loss)

Protective device

No fuse switch,   compressor overload protection switch, refrigerant high and low pressure   protection switch, overhumidity and overtemperature protection switch, fuse,   fault warning system

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