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A Three-minute Introduction of Bridge Type Vision Measuring Machine


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A Three-minute Introduction of  Bridge Type Vision Measuring Machine

Do you know anything about Vision Measuring Machine?

Vision Measuring Machine, also known as optical measurement VMM, non-contact measurement, 2D measuring instrument, 2.5D measuring instrument, with the upgrading of high-precision and micro-manufacturing industries in modern industry, the use of non-contact optical vision measurement for rapid and precise geometric dimensional and form tolerance measurement has become inevitable.

The Bridge type Vision Measuring machine is a device with a moving bridge structure, which works by placing the workpiece on the measuring platform and then using the moving bridge structure to control the camera moving on the three axes, take pictures and measurements of the workpiece.

The optical magnification system magnifies the object to be measured, and after the CCD camera system collects the image features and processes them by computer and software algorithm, it can detect the contour and surface shape size, angle and position of various complex and precise parts, and carry out microscopic inspection and quality control fully automatically. The measurement data can be imported into AUTOCAD as a complete engineering drawing, generating documents in DXF, IGS and other formats, as well as into WORD, EXCEL and SPC statistical analysis software to generate CPK and various statistical reports.

What are the advantages of Vision Measuring machine?

Compared to traditional 2D Measuring instruments, the advantages of Bridge type Vision Measuring Machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

High precision: It can achieve high-precision 3D measurements, with errors typically range from a few microns and tens of microns.

High efficiency: It can quickly measures and analyses data for a large number of workpieces, greatly improving production efficiency and quality.

Automation: It has automated measurement and data processing funtions, reducing the risk of human intervention and operational errors, and improving production efficiency and accuracy.

Non-contact measurement: It uses a non-contact measurement method which will not cause any damage to the workpiece and is suitable for measuring various materials.

It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional vernier calipers, micrometers and projectors. It is a high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-reliability measuring instrument that integrates optical, mechanical, electronic, and computer image processing technologies into one.

Take the example of the Moving-bridge type  AutoVision 542A from Sinowon

Which industries require Vision Measuring Machine ?

Moving-bridge type Vision Measuring Machine are widely used in manufacturing, the automotive automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other fields. For example:

Manufacturing industry: used to measure various mechanical parts, molds, plastic parts, etc., to improve production quality and efficiency.

Automotive industry: used to measure the appearance and internal parts of cars, and to inspect and control the quality of cars.

Aerospace: used to measure aircraft engine parts, aviation components, etc., to improve aircraft performance and safety.

Electronics: used to measure the dimensions, shapes, and positions of various electronic devices, to improve the quality and reliability of electronic products.

In addition to the above categories, precise measurement in various industries such as machinery, injection molding, hardware, rubber, precision stamping, connectors, mobile phones, home appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, clocks, tools, military industry, power, bridges, and ships requires the use of image measuring instruments to ultimately achieve quality control objectives.

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