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VM-500 Autofocus Video Microscope


Autofocus Video Microscope VM-500 has been snapped in DMP2018 exhibition

As labor costs increase and customers demand higher quality product, manufacturers are looking for testing equipment that can help them solve these problems. The Owner of Shenzhen Xi Shi Li Watch company (who manufactures the precision parts for clocks and watches) decided to purchase VM-500 on the spot without waiting for the trading show over, and paid us the cash 2000 as the deposit at our booth after we showed him what is the functions of our Autofocus Video Microscope VM-500.


Auto Focus Video Microscope VM-500 which made by Sinowon, was snapped up before the trading show - DMP2018 was over. The awesome functions of VM-500 are mainly auto focus and taking photos & videos which you can see them on the display screen. It is perfect to use for mass inspection at the factory. 


As you know that China is a big manufacturing country, VM-500 is very welcome and sold very well in our domestic market, as well as overseas market. It greatly improves the efficiency of inspection, and can help factory find problems easier, and reduce the labor intensity of QC inspectors at same time also. 


If you are interested in our VM-500, please contact us freely, and let us know your e-mail address so that we can send the video to show you what is the Auto Focus function.

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