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Corporate Social Responsibility Program


Sinowon CSR Program for Masks Donation in Foreign country

From January to February, when the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is serious in China, Sinowon foreign customers sent messages to convey their sympathy and solicitude to us and pray for the Coronavirus to dissipate as soon as possible.

 In March, the novel coronavirus in China has been effectively controlled, and the return rate of most enterprises is over 90%. However, the news of the continuous escalation of the novel coronavirus in other countries comes one after another.



With the novel coronavirus spread in foreign countries, the way and process of dealing with it are different. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited is also cared for the safety of customers in various countries. Customers of textile companies are all over Europe, Asia, etc. Adhering to the care for our cooperative customers for many years, we initiated the donation of masks to the people in need. At the same time, we have received many donations from Chinese friends.


We all have a clear division of labour and make concerted efforts to send masks. At the same time, we also customize care stickers for different countries, which are pasted on mask boxes to show our blessings.


The upgraded packaging of 10,000 masks, Sinowon love masks sent to CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA COMITATO DI BERGAMO.

We also did donations to the Italian Red Cross Committee of Cinisello Balsamo (Milan). The first donation expressed 132 pcs of N95 masks and 5 thermometers to Milan by DHL. The second donation donated 10,000 masks to the CRI of Bergamo.


The third donation prepared another 10,000 Pcs of masks for Italian Red Cross Committee of Cinisello Balsamo (Milan).

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