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FAQ of Ultrasonic Hardness Tester


The FAQ of Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

1.    Are there any international standard for the ultrasonic hardness tester?

There are three standards for the ultrasonic hardness testers acceptable in the world, the standard number as follows:

ASTM A1038-2017; DIN50159-2009; GB/T 34205-2017


2.    What is Dynasonic hardness tester?

Answer: It is known that Dynasonic hardness tester was defined by Mr. Marshall Zheng Chunping, who is managing director of Sinowon group and one of technical researcher in hardness testing field.

Dynasonic mean the durometer has the capability to measure the metal material universally,  two-method of hardness testing in one unit, that is, one is the method of Dynamic rebound (Leeb method), another is ultrasonic independence contact(UCI).

For example, as for Sinowon SU-400 Dynasonic hardness tester, it is able to connect seven kinds of Leeb impact device for dynamic rebound method to test hardness of coarse material, and it also able to connect 10 kinds of UCI probe to measure the hardness of fine material and thin coating in metal industry.  

3.    How many kinds of UCI probe among Sinowon UCI durometer?

Answer: There are three type of UCI probe among Sinowon UCI durometer, it is motorized, manual and special one, the detail as follows:

As for the motorized probe: it is five model with five different testing force, it is 2N, 3N, 5N, 8N, and 10N, the model is MP-200, MP-300, MP500, MP-800, and MP-1000;

As for the manual probe: it is four model with four different testing force, it is 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, the model is HP-1K, HP-2K, HP-5K and HP-10K,

As for the special manual model: there is one extend manual HP-1C for gear testing and another short UCI probe HP-1T for the hardness testing of inner wall with small inside space.

In sum, it is 11 different models of probe and 8 different testing forces among Sinowon UCI probes.

      4.How to Choose a suitable UCI Probe while the Material Hardness and Surface Roughness has been known?


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