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FAQ of VM500 Autofocus Vision Microscope


FAQ of VM-500 Autofocus Vision Microscopes

1.What is the reason the customers prefer to buy the autofocus vision microscope VM-500?

Answer: the three key reasons as follows:

1.1    VM500 HDMI camera resolution is 2MPixel with 30 frames , it is lessen than 0.5s to finish the autofocus, the specimen image is displayed on HDMI monitor sharply, the digital monitoring image will not make the operators be tied as optical-eye-observing, it protects the operator eyes to make them happily.

1.2    VM500 vision depth field is more than 30mm even the focus knob is not adjusted, it is very easy and fast to watch the specimens with different height, it improves the working efficiency obviously.  

1.3    VM500 not only possess the function of autofocus, but also has the function of photography and video-recoding in SD memory, it can be upload to computer and shared to suppliers or other departments immediately, the quality disputes will be recognized quickly and solved shortly, it deduces communication cost reliably.

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