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Feedback from Australian Watch Component Customer on the Use of 2D Mini Manual Vision Measuring Machine iMS-1010B


This customer is a manufacturing company in Australia that produces watch components. They manufacture high-quality watch parts based on different customer requirements to ensure product quality and compatibility. Therefore, they require a high-precision measuring instrument for quality inspection.

Based on the recommendation of the product manager, the customer ultimately chose to use the Sinowon Precision 2D Mini Manual Vision Measuring Machine iMS-1010B as their inspection equipment. This vision measuring machine has a measurement error within 2 microns and achieves a measurement accuracy of E1xy≦2.5+L/200 microns. It features portability, small footprint, easy operation, and meets most 2D dimensional measurement needs. It comes with the iMeasuring 2.0 vision measurement software, which can automatically generate test reports in formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, TXT, and CAD, catering to the comprehensive measurement needs of the customer.

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After purchasing the Sinowon Precision vision measuring machine, we sent the customer English software operation instructions in advance, along with a detailed list of unpacking precautions and instructional videos. Once the equipment arrived at the customer's site, our engineers provided remote assistance to guide the customer in using the machine. After more than three months of using, the customer expressed that this vision measuring machine not only meets their extensive measurement needs but also greatly improves work efficiency.

The image shows the customer's mini watch component on the iMS-1010B vision measuring machine's workstation about to undergo testing

The image shows the imaging of the customer's watch component gear in the iMeasuring 2.0 measurement software

During the customer's usage, our engineers responded promptly and provided dedicated service, helping the customer resolve multiple usage queries.

The customer highly recognizes the machine accuracy of the Sinowon Precision vision measuring machine and highly appreciates Sinowon's service philosophy.

[07:23, April 20, 2023] Thank you for all of your help yesterday.

[07:24, April 20, 2023] I had quotes from many measuring machine companies, and I decided to go with Sinowon because of how clear and quickly you wrote to me. I'm so impressed by the level of assistance you gave me too. Thank you.

[10:18, May 15, 2023] The machine is fantastic.

[10:18, May 15, 2023] It has helped so much with production.


The image shows the feedback of the customer in Whatsapp

We are delighted to receive positive feedback from the customer. Customer satisfaction is one of the driving forces behind our continuous improvement of products and services. Solving user measuring requirement is where our value lies. In the future, Sinowon Precision will continue to adhere to the mission of intelligent manufacturing and continuous improvement, centered around the customer, rooted in dedicated individuals, built upon quality products, connected by projects, and driven by innovation. We will continuously enhance our R&D capabilities, production capabilities, quality control capabilities, and service capabilities to solve problems for customers and create value for them.


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