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Guizhou University Guangzhou Alumni Association and Southwest University Guangzhou Alumni Association visit Sinowon New Factory


In the afternoon of Saturday, March 25, 2023, Members of Guizhou University Guangzhou Alumni Association  and Southwest University Guangzhou Alumni Association visit Sinowon New Factory, which is located in Tongxia Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Pengjiang, Jiangmen, Guangdong.

Sinowon (Guangdong) Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. (referred to as Guangdong Sinowon) is a subsidiary of Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited., a national high-tech enterprise. It is a manufacturing enterprise founded in Guangdong by Marshall Zheng Chunping, a graduate of microelectronic technology major of Guizhou University. Sinowon mainly produces composite three-dimensional coordinate, automatic imaging instrument, tool microscope, contour projector and other geometric measurement instruments, products are widely used in 3C, semiconductor, medical, aerospace and other precision manufacturing industries.


moments


 Moderator Ms. Wang Weidan introduces the main guests


 Mr. Zhou Bo, President of Guangzhou Alumni Association of Guizhou University, delivered a speech to praise the alumni for their spirit and entrepreneurship in Southern China.

Mr. Lei Jianjun, President of the Alumni Association of Southwest University Guangzhou, gave a speech to express his gratitude for the meticulous organization of this event. He also presented Mr. Zheng, the organizer, with a calligraphy inscription of the alumni of Southwest University, " To make subtle and addressed to the general."


Mr. Marshall Zheng, Executive Director of Guangdong Sinowon, delivered a speech to warmly welcome the alumni of the two schools to visit the company for guidance and exchange.


Mr Ben Xiaowei, Chairman of Che Dao Ecological Investment (Guangdong) Co Ltd, gave a speech and introduced Che Dao's business to the alumni.

President Zhou Bo and President Lei Jianbo presented the 120th anniversary commemorative tea of Guizhou University to the organizers and sponsors of the event to express their gratitude.

Mr. Luo Jun, Vice President/Secretary General of the Guangzhou Alumni Association of Guizhou University, gave a presentation on the activities of the Alumni.

Mr. Zhang Qingquan, Secretary-General of Guangzhou Alumni Association of Southwest University, delivered a speech, looking forward to deepening the depth and breadth of cooperation between alumni of the two universities.

The participants witnessed the unveiling ceremony of the core value of Sinowon. “一丝不苟难尽意,微秒必争方安心”, in English it is “It is not enough about meticulous action, we must care about every micron and second for our dimension measuring instruments. ”

After the inauguration ceremony, led by Mr. Marshall Zheng, visit the production and assembly workshop on the ground floor of Sinowon.

After the visit, a friendly tug of war was held between the Guizhou University Guangzhou Alumni Association team and the Southwest University Guangzhou Alumni Association team in the workshop of Guangdong Zhongwang, which brought the whole alumni visit to a climax.

"The school mottos of '明德至善,博学笃行(To be of noble character and virtuous conduct, and to seek knowledge and practice earnestly)' of Guizhou University and '含弘光大,继往开来(Inheriting the grandeur of the past, and carrying it forward into the future)' of Southwest University have blended in the Guangdong region, and the alumni of both universities have experienced a blending and sublimation of their school friendship. The alumni of Guizhou University and Southwest University highly praised and commended the successful organization of this visit and networking event, and expressed their anticipation to meet again and renew the friendship between the two universities during the next activity."

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