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IMS-4030 Vision Measuring Machine


IMS-4030 Sinowon Vision Measuring Machines have been applied in Water purifier industry


Thanks a lot for Aquaphor that is one of the world leading water purifier had purchased the first-set of Sinowon Vision Measuring Machines IMS-4030 to measure their parts for the developing of new product in Estonia's R&D center in July, 2016, and the second set of IMS-4030 had been installed in Aquaphor Russia factory for the quality control in March, 2018.

In year 2018, Aquaphor China production factory has been installed in Zibo city of Shangdong province, in order to keep the quality conformity as the same standard, Aquaphor management decided to purchase the same brand and the same model of vision measuring machine in Zibo factory, so the third-set of IMS-4030 had been sold and it will be installed in Zibo manufacturing base at the end of year 2018.

We appreciated Aquaphor management trusts Sinowon product consistently, and wish Aquaphor could take more share in worldwide market and let more Chinese customers have the opportunity to enjoy the high quality water purifier from Aquaphor.

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