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Measure the hardness of rusty workpieces



Czech customers have purchased our Ultrasonic Hardness Tester SU300 series many times. The product is portable, has a wide range of applications, can measure a variety of hardness scales, has small indentations, and is simple to operate. Customers recommend this product to many users. This time he meet an inquiry that the user need to measure the hardness of rusty cast iron. With regard to UCI is strict with roughness, it’s not suitable with this situation. Therefore, we recommend our Leeb/ UCI and Leeb hardness tester with G impact to customer. Or they can measure it by portable brinell hardness tester and indentation measurement system.



Key points:

On the one hand, the rust cast iron is rough, its rough beyond Ra 15 which does not meet the conditions of use of the ultrasonic hardness tester. It will make wrong measurement result. In the same way, the Vickers hardness tester is not suitable for rough work pieces either. On the other hand, the depth of rusty is not uncertain. It does not meet the principle that the depth of the indentation is one-tenth of the thickness of the work piece. It’s not a good choice to measure by UCI hardness tester.



1. Measure by Leeb G impact. As the G impact power is 90mj which is 9 times larger than D type. Using this measurement method can ensure the accuracy of the measurement results to the greatest extent.

2. Measure Brinell hardness and observe indentation by Brienll indentation measurement system. Brinell scale’s high test force can breakdown the rust easily and get a complete Brinell indentation. After that we can observe indentation by QB100/QB250 optical brinell indentation measurement system. It doesn’t need metallographic sample preparation, get result quickly and easy operate at the scene.

3. As customer prefer to UCI hardness tester, we recommend Universal Dynasonic hardness tester with G Leeb impact. They can measure rough work piece with G impact and measure smooth surface with UCI probe.


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