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Measurement of Relay Contact Silver Layer Using Tool Microscope



On June 1, 2023, our engineers visited Xiamen to perform equipment debugging and customer acceptance for a client in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry.


The client has chosen to use a tool microscope for measuring the thickness of the relay contact silver layer. The contact silver layer is a coating on the surface of relay contacts, typically made of silver material, to ensure good electrical contact and conductivity. Relays are electrical switch devices used to control the flow of current in circuits. Contacts are key components of relays responsible for opening and closing circuits.


By using a tool microscope to observe the thickness of the contact silver layer, the quality and wear condition can be evaluated. The thickness of the contact silver layer is crucial for the performance and reliability of relays, as excessive wear or insufficient thickness can lead to poor current transmission or contact issues. Therefore, measuring the thickness of the contact silver layer allows for monitoring the status of relays and performing necessary maintenance and replacement.

Furthermore, the tool microscope possesses the following features that can serve as a reference for customers in selecting products:

1.     Base: Cast iron base ensures overall stability.

2.     Light Source: High-brightness, long-life LED illumination system.

3.     Transmission: Utilizes a backlash-free screw-driven stage to ensure measurement accuracy.

4.     Guide Rails: Adopt high-precision linear guide rails from Germany.

5.     Focusing: Unique coarse and fine focusing device with a minimum fine adjustment of 1um per division.

6.     Stage: High-precision with a measurement length of 2.0 + L/200um (L represents the measurement length).

7.     Locking Mechanism: X-Y axis employs precise screw transmission, and the worktable is equipped with a fast-slow speed locking mechanism, eliminating backlash errors.

8.     Application Fields:

l  Widely used in electronic components, precision molds, precision cutting tools, springs, plastics, rubber, oil seal valves, camera parts, automotive parts, PCB processing, and other industries.

l  Primarily used for 2D measurements but can also assist in 3D measurements. Can be used for comparative measurements using an eyepiece standard plate.

l  Measure thread pitch, outer diameter, thread angle, dimensional shape, cutting tools, and magnify and measure the external contour of workpieces, inspect the surface condition of workpieces, measure angles, lengths, etc.

l  Can also be used as an observation microscope for various precision machining industries, especially for non-contact measurements of surface roughness, etc.


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