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Movable vision measuring system IMS-1010


Movable vision measuring system IMS-1010 has been produced in November, 2018

In light of the requirement of European customers after our CEO: Mr. Zheng came back from the exhibition AMB2018 held in Stuttgart Germany in September, 2018, Sinowon R&D team has decided to developed a movable vision measuring machine to meet the customers’ request. Now we declare that IMS-1010 is ready for delivery in November.  

IMS-2010 feature as follows:

1.    XY-axis workstage travel size: 100x100mm

2.    Z-axis focus range: 100mm

3.    Digital Magnification: 15-200x

4.    Measuring Accuracy: 3+L/200um

5.    Instrument weight: 35Kg

Because of the small size and little weight, IMS-1010 is enough to be put in the car rear seat or SUV trunk for movable demonstration by distributors at any time.

You are informed three models are available to connect different company systems to meet the different applications.

A.    IMS-1010A with analog camera, it has to connect the desktop PC in widows system with image card.  

B.    IMS-1010B with digital camera, it is able to connect portable laptop, it is easily movable for distributor’s demonstration.

C.    IMS-1010C with HDMI measuring camera, it only can connect the HEMI monitor, it doesn’t need the anymore computer host.

If you are interested in IMS-1010 Vision measuring machines, please feel free to contact us to get more information.

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