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MVA-4030P Automatic Vision Measuring Machine


MVA-4030P 3D automatic vision measuring machine had been installed at the DNL Canadian office succesfully

At beginning, Mr.Cook who is the owner of DNL has no any interest in Chinese vision measuring machines, his target was to buy it from the supplier of USA,Japan,German etc.  Mr. Luo who is one of Mr.Cook's Hong Kong friend recommended Sinowon product while he heard DNL has a plan to purchase a vision machine for IQC. But Mr. Cook refused it, because he has no good impression for China QC instruments, it is cheap,ugly and bad quality in his opinion. Mr. Cook thinks it will give a bad impact to his business if DNL uses a measuring machine made in China.

Mr.Luo told to Mr. Cook: "My friend, maybe it is right in the past, but  it is not correct at this moment. As you know the best cell phones are made in China,and the best high-speed rails also are made in China. Now, in China, if you pay USD100.00, then you will get the goods with USD100 value, but it is impossible that you only pay USD50.00 but the target is to get USD100.00 valueable product.

Sinowon is a very reliable manufacturer of vision measuring machine since year2006, you should try it, becasue I have already got a perfect vision measuring machines from them, it makes our QC work faster than 5-times, and the cost is just 40% to Japanese machines, why should we waste our own money?".

After heard this suggestion, Mr. Cook had sent a inquiry to us, our sales manager Mr. Jimmy Zhou gave a very professional reply in light of DNL actual product situation, Mr.Cook was pleased for Jimmy's profession and decided to buy one unit to test.

In order to deliver the MVA-4030P to DNL on time, the production department worked harder to complete in time, it has been timely shipping out in July.

On September.12.2017, Jimmy came to DNL Toronto/Canda office to install the machine and make a training for DNL team. Because of Jimmy’s professional service, DNL teammates were satisfied with this vision machine and suprised by MVA-4030P accuracy: less than 2um.

Mr. Cook was very happy for the accuate performance of his own MVA-4030P, and he made a great blessing video to us, the speaking as follows:

"Hi Sinowon Team, Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your support and professional service. This is my first cooperation with Chinese brand and QC instrument, but I got a good and perfect experience. Your machine is good, and your service is good and professional too. Maybe I can recommend to my friends and suppliers, they will be need this machines. Please give them more support. Thanks Brad."

Thanks a lot for Mr. Cook's chosing again, and wish DNL had a great business forever.

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