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MVS-4030 Automatic Vision Measuring Machine


MVS-4030 vision measuring machine had been installed for ASE Malaysia factory successfully in July 2017

ASE Malaysia branch had purchased a vision measuring machine MVS-4030 by local agent in July 2017.  In order to let the customer run the machine timely and improve the measurement efficiency quickly, the local agent invited our sales manager: Mr. Jimmy Zhou to make a training in Penang before Aug. 23rd. However, many flights had been canceled in Guangzhou airport because of the tropical storm: Hato. In order to avoid the affect of Hoto, Jimmy decide to change the flight on August 27th. Unfortunatelly, the typhoon Paka had been attacking the Pearl River Delta again, and all of the flights had been canceled in Guangzhou airport again.

In order that don't let the customer down, Jimmy decided to come to Hongkong airport for departuring on August 28. While Jimmy arrived at airport in the morning 8:00AM. Normally,  it only takes 3 hours ahead to catch the international flight, but affected by Paka, the plane took off at 22:30PM finally, it is nealy delayed about 14 hours.

When Jimmy checked in the hotel in Penang city,  it was in the early morning:2:30AM of August 29. As you know, it was very tired for Jimmy at that moment, but he still puncutally appeared at the user factory at 8:30AM after a short break, the customers had been shocked by Jimmy's appearance, they can not believe Sinowon pensonnel will come to install the machine in such terrible weather puncutally. After the installation and training communication in two days, ASE Malaysia QC team was satisfed with MVS-4030 accuracy and Jimmy's specialty, and local agent was also touched by Jimmy's spirit and Sinowon machine quality.

This is Sinowon principle: if you choose us, we won't make you disppointed at any time.

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