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Sinowon Wonderful Review of 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition


The three-day 2019 International Electronic Circuit (Shenzhen) Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion on the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. This year’s 18th edition of the Show – formerly the International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair-showcasing products and services, spanning the entire PCB industry supply chain.  This new collaboration aims to connect global industry leaders to spark great ideas and shape the industry’s development, while enhancing the capabilities of the China PCB industry.

Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sinowon") has displayed products, including Optical Instant Video Measuring Machine, Manual / Fully-automatic Vision Measuring Machine, Vision Measuring Microscope, digital autofocus Inspection Microscopes, optical industry microscopes, stereo microscopes, etc.. Abundant on-site display and diversified solutions have attracted many visitors from home and abroad to stop to visit, consult and experience.

With further application of new technologies such as 5G, there is new development opportunities and broader market space for the PCB industry. The proliferation of connected devices will require newer, more sophisticated circuit board technology. The development of 5G technology promotes the improvement of the technology level of circuit board manufacturers in various fields. The importance of PCB is self -evident for it is the carrier of all electronic devices. It will involve hundreds of problems if one line in the PCB goes wrong, even the paste plate components needs to be scrapped. In the process of PCB production, the quality defects that often occur can be controlled by precision measuring instruments. Vision measuring machines made by Sinowon not only can solve many quality problems in PCB industry quickly in order to greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, but also effectively reduce the employment cost of enterprises.

With the mission of providing effective measuring solutions, well cost-performance products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service to clients, Sinowon dedicates in making measurement more accurate and simple. Sinowon would like to acknowledge the working partners and everyone that visit our exhibition. Thank you all.

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