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SRT Series Waterproof (Water-resistant) Test Chamber

SRT Series Waterproof (Water-resistant) Test Chamber

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The water resistance test chamber (also known as the rain test chamber, waterproof test chamber) is suitable for testing the water resistance and water resistance of electrical and electronic products, outdoor lighting, automotive and motorcycle lamps, wiper performance, locomotive instruments, and low-voltage electrical enclosure protection.

Product Characteristic 

lThe control system can be selected from simple programming controller or full-color touch screen control system.It is easy to operate and stable in operation.

lThe box structure is made of high-quality SUS#304 stainless steel plate with powder baking, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has good corrosion resistance.

lThe semi-circular arc surface is equipped with nozzles, with a spacing of 50mm between nozzles.  The nozzles are equipped with two specifications, with diameters of 0.4mm and 0.8mm, respectively.  According to different standard requirements, nozzles with different diameters are equipped on the swing tube, making nozzle replacement easy.The water quality filtration system is provided to prevent the nozzle from being blocked by impurities in the water.

lControl the swing angle, swing frequency, and rotation speed of the pendulum tube to effectively ensure that the test runs according to standards.

lHigh sensitivity, capable of safely detecting any state, providing cut-off protection and alarm notification in the shortest possible time, ensuring the safety of personnel and machine use.

lIt can be classified according to the IEC60529 IP CODE protection level, from IPX1 to IPX9K combinations, or based on the customer's product characteristic level.





Interior Dimensions (W*H*D)mm



Exterior Dimensions (W*H*D)mm

Based on actual product or quotation

Inner box material

High-grade stainless steel plate SUS#304 (optional SUS#316)

Outer box material

Stainless steel + powder coating

Radius of pendulum tube



Swing amplitude of tube

60 degrees, 90 degrees, close to 180 degrees

Spaced between the spray holes


Rain water pressure

50-450Kpa (adjustable)

Sample Size



Sample tomb rotation speed


Water spray flow

0.07/min per control, 0.1/min per control, 0.6/min per control (adjustable)

Spray hole diameter

Standard ∅0.4mm (optional ∅0.8nm, ∅1.2mm)

Protection Level

IPX3, IPX4, R1, R2, S1, S2 of IEC60529, IPX4K, IPX9K of IEC60529 (can be customized as needed)

Protective Device

Leakage, short circuit, motor overheat protection

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