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SU-400M Portable Dynasonic hardness tester


Appreciated for GSPEIRI had already purchased SU-400M dynasonic hardness tester in May,2018

We appreciate that Guangzhou special pressure equipment inspection and research institute(Gspeiri) has purchased the dynasonic hardness tester SU-400M for the spot inspection checking job in April, 2018, it is known that Gspeiri is one of China professional topest NDT inspection institute for special equipments, such as elevator, boile, pressure vessel, safety valve, etc.  

Because UCI NDT method is more precise for the thin thickness material than portable Leeb hardness testers, and Sinowon is one of famous brand in the market since  year2013, so Gspeiri did decide to choose Sinowon as provider of ultrasonic hardness testers for their special application.

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