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Successful Delivery of Fully Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester iRock-DR1


We would like to express our gratitude to R Casting Co., Ltd. for their trust in Sinowon and their recent purchase of our fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester, iRock-DR1. Hardness is an important indicator of material mechanical properties, and hardness testing is a crucial method for evaluating the quality of metal materials and components. As R Casting Co. primarily focuses on the manufacturing of transportation vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, and electric tools, they have stringent requirements for hardness accuracy in their products.

After their initial use of Sinowon's iRock-DR1 fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester, R Casting Co. has expressed great satisfaction with their experience. The iRock-DR1's automatic measurement, data analysis, and Bluetooth printing capabilities perfectly meet R Casting Co.'s needs for production measurement. They appreciate the user-friendly features such as the large screen display and Bluetooth printing, as well as the intuitive user interface, clear display, and convenient operating procedures. The additional features, including automatic measurement, data analysis and export, Bluetooth connectivity, and printing, have improved their efficiency and streamlined their workflow, which has greatly impressed them. Therefore, the successful delivery and installation of the machine were achieved. They are also satisfied with the training provided by Sinowon.

The success of this delivery and the satisfaction of our customers are the driving force behind our continuous improvement of products and services. We firmly believe in addressing customers' requirement and delivering value. Sinowon will continue to uphold the mission of intelligent manufacturing and continuous improvement, always placing the customer at the center and relying on our dedicated team of professionals. With our products as the foundation and projects as the bridge, we will persistently enhance our research and development capabilities, production capacity, quality control capabilities, and service capabilities. Our goal is to solve problems for our customers and create value for them.

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