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Terminal Cross Section Analyzer SCA-180

Terminal Cross Section Analyzer SCA-180

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Terminal Cross Section Analyzer



The automatic terminal cross-section analyzer is a precision testing and analysis equipment specially developed for the quality inspection of the wire harness industry. The measurement and analysis system is composed of a cutting and grinding integrated equipment. The cutting and grinding are completed at one time, which fully guarantees the flatness requirements of the terminals. The complete inspection system can complete the processing and analysis of a terminal within 5 minutes, which greatly improves the speed of terminal cross-section quality inspection. The operation is easy, convenient and fast, and the high-definition image acquisition system and accurate measurement and analysis are used to escort your production.


n  Automobile and its supporting industries, etc.;

n  High-speed rail and rail transit industries, etc.;

n  Home appliances and their supporting industries, etc.;

n  IT information processing equipment industry.


Product Uses:

n  Integrated terminal cutting and grinding table: After the terminal is clamped by a special wire harness fixture, the cutting disc and the grinding disc are independently controlled by dual motors, and the X-axis and Z-axis are controlled by Japan's Panasonic servo motor, ultra-high-precision ball screw and slider. Rail drive, fully beyond the manual rotary hand wheel control stroke, for customers to accurately grind the height of the terminal.

n  The time required for terminal cutting and grinding and polishing is only 1 to 2 minutes, and extremely thin wires exceeding AWG38 can be clearly displayed.

n  The latest special software for cross-section evaluation can measure: terminal height, width, aspect ratio, terminal crimping area, wire harness crimping area, compression ratio, burr height, width, burr rate The distance between the crimping wings, and the distance between the bottom and the bottom , porosity and other items; can instantly export reports and automatically determine whether all items are qualified, the measurement accuracy can reach 2 ~ 3μm; completely surpassing the industry standards of automobiles, home appliances, railway rail trains, IT and other industries.

Technical Parameter:

product name

Terminal Cross Section Analyzer



product code#


Cutting part

Motor speed

4000 rpm/min

Cutting range

Diameter: 0.01mm~8mm

Cutting speed:


Cutting wheel:

Inner diameter 32mm

Outer   diameter




Grinding part

Motor speed

4000 rpm/min

Disc diameter


Disc thickness


Etched part

Corrosion time


Main body

Touch screen operation

7 inch color touch screen control

X-axis stepper motor

57 step angle 1.8 degrees

Y-axis stepper motor

42 step angle 1.8 degrees

Standard Fixture

Suitable for crimp terminals such as   250/187/SVH-21T-P1.1

Infrared cutting position

Infrared knife

Power   supply

AC 220V/50HZ

Optical system

Microscope Stand

With precise coarse and fine-tuning lift group,   to achieve perfect focus.



Optical Lens


Video total magnification


Measurement   accuracy


Terminal measuring range

0.3mm 2 -50mm 2


Adjustable LED Ring Cold Light Source

Workpiece observation table

X, Y axis 0.05mm two-way moving platform,

360˚ turntable for easy viewing and positioning

Imaging   system

5 million gigabit network 1/2 "professional   CCD high-definition imaging system

Measuring   system

Measurement software functions

C/H, C/W, C/R, wall thickness, burr width, burr   height, compression ratio, gap ratio, core and angle measurements;

Automatically determine whether the terminal   crimping is qualified.

Computer   system

Dell Business Computers, USA

WIN10-64-bit genuine system


Image Restoration Cleaner

1 bottle of 250ML analytical corrosion solution

Abrasive   sandpaper

10 sheets (#1200)

Special   cotton swab

5 packs

Cutting   wheel

3 sheets


n  No resin curing required:

The traditional operation: Using resin to solidify and harden, then cutting and rough grinding finally polishing, it takes several hours to make a sample.

This equipment does not require resin solidification. Cutting, grinding and polishing are finished in one equipment. It only takes about 3 minutes to make a sample.

n  Cutting and grinding combined:

It can realize precise cutting and grinding, 7-inch color touch screen, Chinese and English dual languages, users can customize the parameters to carry out personalized cutting, grinding and polishing; the cutting position can be set arbitrarily, the positioning accuracy is within 5um, and there is no damage during cutting and grinding.

The exquisite stainless steel terminal special fixture can correspond to various sizes of terminals, and the fine teeth clamping does not damage the surface of the product and is resistant to corrosion;

n  Professional terminal analysis software:

Professional terminal analysis software in Chinese and English, supports Win7, Win10 32-bit and 64-bit systems; can analyze compression ratio C/R, C/H, C/W, compression ratio and other 10 standard test data , Fully meet VW60330,  Renault 36-05-019/--G,PSA 9634115099, QC T 417.1-2001 and other standards.

You can also customize the test standard without worrying about the standard; accurately locate the test position, with a simple screen, and export the terminal cross-section test report in Excel, Word, PDF and other formats with one click, which can be saved or printed.

Software Introduction:

n  The measurement is faster and more convenient than before. The whole measurement process is divided into: C/H, C/W, C/R, wall thickness, burr width, burr height, compression ratio, gap ratio, wire core and angle measurement, one-click measurement Test data will be out soon.

n  The report is more professional and complete than before, and the software can automatically determine whether the terminal crimp is qualified or not.

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