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Horizontal profile projector can inspect the simulation and surface shape of complex workpieces


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Thanks a lot for the American customer had chosen the Sinowon Horizontal Profile Projector PH350-2010. It will be shipped to the USA this week.

The Horizontal profile projector PH350-2010 is a Ø350mm Digital Horizontal Profile Projector, featuring:


²  The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes lifting drive more comfortable and stable;

²  Coating process reflector, clearer image and great dustproof;

²  Adjustable contour and surface illumination, to meet with difference workpiece demand;

²  Imported high light and long using life LED illumination ,to ensure precision measurement demand;

²  High resolution optical system with clear image and magnification error is less than 0.08%;

²  Powerful Bi-axial fan cooling systemhighly increase using life;

²  Powerful and colorful DRO DP400realized fast and accurate 2D Measurement;

²  Built-in Mini-printer, can print and save data;

²  With standard 10X objective, optional,20X50X objectiverotary table, foot switch ,clamp, etc.

Profile projector is a measuring device used for measurement or comparison. It consists of a projection box, main body, and working table. It is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry, instrumentation, molds, tools, light industry, and measurement rooms and workshops related to factories and mines in the electronic clock and watch industry. It can also detect the contours and surface shapes of various complex workpieces, including patterns, stamped parts, cams, threads, gears, forming files, thread taps, and various cutting tools, tools, and parts.

Sinowon believes the Horizontal Profile Projector PH350-2010 will exceed expectations and provide a reliable and precise measurement experience.

If there are any questions or further assistance needed, our dedicated customer support team is ready to help. Sinowon looks forward to serving with exceptional quality and service.


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