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Used in mobile phone panel testing


Video measuring instrument used in mobile phone panel testing

With the popularization of touch-screen mobile phones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronic products, manufacturers are constantly looking for effective ways to make a great success in the competitive market with the latest technology and the highest quality. As one of the most important parts of the mobile phone touch screen, the mobile phone panels are demands to  more and more geometric quantities, such as a planar size and a flatness.

In the manufacturing process, In order to reach the passing rate of the relevant dimensions, we have to ensure that the measuring equipment will run fast, stably and the measured data will be accurate. The  high-precision and efficient plane measurement function developed by TENJUN enables tens of thousands of points on the surface of the cell phone panel can be collected through laser accessory. It makes the plane measurement with high precision and high efficiency more achievable .

Inspection requirement: Flatness, R angle, geometric size, touch conductive particles

Difficulties in measurement:

1) Using the traditional mode to measure the flatness will result in low efficiency and poor accuracy

2)It is difficult to fetch the measured value of R angle;

3) The circuit in the touch screen and conductive particles is extremely small, and it is difficult for normal lens to catch the picture.

4) Full-inspection is demanded and the efficiency of normal instrument is low.

Sinowon Solution:

1)Our automatic Video measuring machine has Laser to measure flatness. Its accuracy reaches 3μm, and its measurement speed is at least 5 time higher than the that of image focus;

2) iMeasuring software provides "R angle" measurement function, and it can identify the R corner tangent point automatically, extract the maximum radian of R angle;

3) Metallographic lens can be added and the conductive particles are magnified at high magnification;

4) Multi-product can be measured in bulk automatically.

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