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Vickers hardness tester & Brinell hardness tester in a calibration laboratory


Sinowon high performance Macro Vickers hardness tester MacroPro VH5010 have been installed with Brinell hardness tester Vexus SHB-3000N in a calibration laboratory in Hongkong on July 31, 2023.

Brinell hardness tester Vexus SHB-3000N is a precise digital Brinell hardness testing system.

The test force is made by load cell, the test force is fed back by a 0.5 ‰ precision pressure sensor. The CPU can control and automatically compensate the test force lost during the test. The indentation can be directly measured by the digital eyepiece. The test force, indentation length, load dwell time, measurement times, conversion scale, date and time can be displayed on the large screen intuitively. Only measuring the indentation and pressing the eyepiece button, then the hardness value can be calculated automatically and displayed on the screen. The data results can be saved and viewed, or output through a built-in printer.

Application Ranges of Brinell hardness tester Vexus SHB-3000N

It is not only suitable for hardness measurement of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metal and soft alloy, but also can be used to determine the hardness of some non-metallic materials such as hard plastics and bakelite.


Note: Brinell hardness tester Vexus SHB-3000N 

Note: Customized digital Vickers hardness tester MacroPro VH5010

Features of digital Vickers hardness tester MacroPro VH5010:

· Vickers hardness tester with color touch screen;

· 8 inches color touch screen, high resolution, easy to operate;

· Strong and stable body;

· LED illumination, light, adjustable, long life and no heat;

· Data storage for review and printing;

· Rotatable turret with five working positions;

· 250 lines encode with more precise measurement;

· Conversion between different scales;

· Can be developed to semi-automatically system.


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