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What do you know about profile projectors and Rockwell hardness testers ?


Thanks a lot for Chongqing high-tech manufacturer has chosen sinowon Profile Projector VP300-2010 and digital Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DR3 again.

Note: Ø300mm Digital Vertical Profile Projector VP300-2010

Profile projector is a measuring device used for measurement or comparison. It consists of a projection box, main body, and working table. It is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry, instrumentation, molds, tools, light industry, and measurement rooms and workshops related to factories and mines in the electronic clock and watch industry. It can also detect the contours and surface shapes of various complex workpieces, including patterns, stamped parts, cams, threads, gears, forming files, thread taps, and various cutting tools, tools, and parts.

Features of Profile Projector VP300-2010:

² The lifting system adopts cross roller rail and precision screw drive , which makes lifting drive more comfortable and stable

²  With coating process reflector , clearer image and great dustproof

²  Adjustable contour and surface illumination , to meet with difference workpiece demand

²  Imported high light and long using life LED illumination , to ensure precision measurement demand

²  High resolution optical system with clear image and magnification error is less than 0.08%

²  Powerful Bi-axial fan cooling systemhighly increase using life

²  Powerful and colorful DRO DP400 , realized fast and accurate 2D Measurement

²  Built-in Mini-printer , can print and save data

²  With standard 10X objective , optional 20X , 50X objective , rotary table , foot switch , clamp , etc.

Note: Color Touch Screen Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DR3

Hardness is one of the important mechanic characteristics of metal materials, while the hardness testing is an important method to judge the quality of the metal material or its component parts. The hardness of the metal is correspondent to its other mechanic characteristics, so its mechanic characteristics such as the strength, tiredness, wriggling and wearing out can be tested out approximately through its hardness testing. Among them, the characteristics of Color Touch Screen Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DR3 are as follows.

Features of Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DR3

²  Half automatic hardness tester except loading initial force and change force knob. Operation is very convenient and fast.

²  Color touch screen, displays loading force, indenter type, dwell time, and conversion scale.

²  Motorized control loading, dwell and unloading, eliminates error by manual operation.

²  Built-in micro processor auto compute max, min, mean and deviation value, resolution is 0.1HR, largely improve accuracy.

²  Auto hardness conversion to others scales, no need to check table and improve working efficiency.

²  Support Multiple languages, English, Turkish, German, etc. Convenient for local customers operation. 

²  Save 2000 single testing results and 1000 group results for reviewing and analysis.

²  Optional blue tooth mini printer is available.


Application of Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DR3:

²  Rockwell B Scale HRB: Copper alloys, soft steels, aluminum alloys, malleable iron, etc.

²  Rockwell C Scale HRC: Steel, hard cast irons, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel, and other materials harder than B100.

²  Rockwell A Scale HRA: Cemented carbides, thin steel, and shallow case-hardened steel.

If you are interested in this, please consult us. Our team of sales engineers will serve you wholeheartedly.

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