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What is Vision Measuring Machine


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Vision measuring machine (VMM) precisely inspects objects' dimensions and quality for various industries. Stick with this guide to learn everything about VMMs.


Product quality is of great importance today due to growing competition and changing customer preferences in the global marketplace. Industries, especially manufacturing, need advanced technological solutions to optimize workflow and increase productivity. Vision Measuring Machine (VMM) is one such technological solution that automates industrial inspections. Therefore, this article covers everything you need to know about vision measuring machines.

Vision Measuring Machine – A Quick Overview

The vision measuring machine (VMM) is a powerful inspection tool that can analyze and measure the physical parameters of objects. It can accurately measure objects' linear and geometrical size using computer technology with machine vision. It first captures the object image and then uses its algorithms to extract relevant information, such as size, shape, surface finish, cracks, flatness, position, angularity, etc.

The main component of a vision measuring machine (VMM) is a vision sensor, comprising an optical zoom lens with a digital CMOS camera or analog CCD camera and an LED light source. Besides that, a sophisticated software/controller is used to extract the required insights from the sensor-captured images. This empowers the vision measuring machine to inspect objects in real time and automate many inspection activities, such as inspecting defects, verifying product dimensions, etc.

Working Principle of Vision Measuring Machine

The working principle of a vision measuring machine (VMM) revolves around image processing and optical measurement techniques to get high-precision and non-contact object dimensional analysis.

The below steps reflect how a typical vision measuring machine works:

1. The object is placed on the VMM surface.

2. The vision sensor, including a high-reputation camera and lighting source, captures the images of the object.

3. The software carries out image processing to extract the required insights.

In many cases, VMM is used with automated measurement systems, like CNC systems, to measure the required dimensions of objects as they move. This is useful in the manufacturing sector to detect and remove faulty objects.

Applications of Vision Measuring Machine

Vision measuring machines are used in various industries for automated quality control. Below is a quick glimpse of VMM applications in three main industries:

1. Manufacturing

One of the main applications of the vision measuring machine is in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry requires a proper quality control check to determine the size, measurement, cracks, or flaws in the product.

VMM systems are used standalone or integrated into automated manufacturing processes to measure the product's size and shape and pinpoint cracks or other defects. This way, VMM not only ensures that the product meets the required quality standards but also ensures real-time and automated monitoring. That's why VMM systems are crucial in almost any manufacturing environment.

2. Medical

Virtual measuring machines also find applications in the medical sector. Since the medical sector requires the utmost level of accuracy and precision, VMMs fulfill that aspect proficiently.

VMM machines are used to validate the precise dimensions of orthopedic devices, dental impacts, and other medical components. They ensure that medical standardized and strict quality measures are fulfilled proficiently.

VMMs can also assist the pharmaceutical industry. They can be integrated to automatically verify the dimensions and quality of capsules and pills. In short, the precise measurement capabilities of VMMs make them a valuable tool in many areas of the medical sector.

3. Aerospace

The aerospace industry also has many stringent quality measures. Therefore, virtual measuring machines are valuable in measuring aircraft components. They can be used to verify the dimensional accuracy of an aircraft's structural components, engine parts, blades, etc.

Similarly, VMMs are also useful in verifying the fitting and alignment of different assemblies. Overall, VMMs are valuable assets in the aerospace industry, ensuring the validation and safety of critical components.

4. Other Industrial Applications

VMMs find applications in many other industries, including electronics, automotive, plastics and injection molding, forensics, photonics, etc. From small to super large VMMs, the versatility of VMMs makes them assist in almost any industrial application.

Sinowon: The High-Quality Vision Measuring Machine Manufacturer

Sinowon is a reputed name for vision measuring machine manufacturing. At Sinowon, we have a wide range of vision measuring machines to cater to the needs of different customers. From mini to super large, customers can get any VMM they need, such as:

· AutoVision26162 Series Super Large Travel Automatic Vision Measuring Machine

· Automatic Vision Measuring Machine AutoVision542 Series

· 2D Mini Vision Measuring Machine IVS-111 Series

· Manual Vision Measuring Machine iMS-3020 Series

· And many more.

All Sinowon vision measuring machines showcase high-quality design, fine workmanship, excellent finishing, efficient performance, precise measurement, and cost-effectiveness. Besides that, our exceptional product capability, advanced product equipment, and advanced technology make us a go-to place to meet any specific needs.

In short, Sinowon is a one-stop, all-in-one vision measuring machine manufacturer you need to find the VMM you are looking for. So, come and explore the Sinowon VMM product line right away.

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