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Why We Need electronic feedback Zoom Lens on Vision Measuring Machine?


Electronic Feedback Lens Zoom745EFElectronic Feedback Coaxial Optical Lens Zoom745EFC

Vision Measuring Machine is an optical instrument measured by comparison method. It is necessary to establish a one-to-one corresponding length proportion relationship between the measurement software and the optical sensor under different optical magnification. Generally, the optical sensor of the VMM adopts a stereoscopic zoom lens, and the optical magnification of the lens ranges from 0.7 to 4.5X. When observing and measuring the size of the workpiece under different magnification, it is necessary to calibrate the magnification of the lens in software before measurement.

If the magnification is not calibrated, the measured size will be larger than the actual size. For example, for an object with an actual size of 1mm, the size measured in the case of 1x is 1mm. However, if the calibration is not done, the measured size will be 2mm under the 2x lens, but the actual value is 1mm, so the measurement error caused by optical magnification calibration is not done.

From April 1, 2022, the EF / EFC series electronic feedback lens of Sinowon IMS series VMM has effectively solved the above problems. The operator is no longer worried about manually switching the software magnification calibration parameters after switching the optical lens magnification. Because EF/EFC series lens adopts electronic feedback technology, if the operator manually switches the lens magnification, the signal generator of EF/EFC LENS will send information to iMeasuring software, and the software will automatically switch the corresponding magnification calibration parameters for measurement, so as to realize seamless and accurate measurement.

EF lens reduces the measurement anxiety of the operator, ensures the measurement accuracy and improves the measurement efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

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