1. Range of scarifier cutter including Tungsten

by:Sinowon     2020-12-26

2. Hardened bore or fully hardened body(for TCT cutters)and hardened body(for steel cutters)

3. Plated body

4. High grade carbide tip k30(TCT cutters)

Model: WH-SMH/WH-SMREngine type: Air-cooled single cylinder 4-strokeEngine: 168F /Copy EY-20Working Width: 200mmOperation Mass(kg): 61 (134lbs) /64 (141lbs)Shipping size(cm): 85*45*99

Selecting the correct Ground Engaging Tools (GET's) is vital in obtaining the maximum return on your capital equipment investment. The Ground Engaging Tools protect the expensive parts of your blades, buckets and ripper shanks.

Installing the right GET's will result in extended life of your major wearing components and lower maintenance costs - therefore saving you money. The right GET will also determine how well your machine performs, so please ensure that you follow manufactures recommendations to suit each different application.

With access and stocks of all major types of Ground Engaging Tools, YNCORP Global Supply can deliver from our large, strategically located stocks, to any part of the World - with minimal notice.

Whether your need is for a few blades and teeth or for complete shipping container loads YNCORP Global Supply are able to offer a wide range of ground engaging tools to suit all applications and rock types.

Simply advise the part number and quantity required and YNCORP Global Supply will arrange the rest using our large and established distribution network.

To suit the following equipment; Loaders - Excavators - Dozers - Rippers - Motor Graders - Paving Products - Scrapers we have it all. Try us today!

Cutting Edges

YNCORP manufactures series of excellent quality cutting edges, which generally can be divided into for General Purpose and Heavy-duty Purpose. The General Purposes are all rolled in high-carbon steel so as to suitable for general working condition, while the Heavy-duty Purposes are made by boron steel that processed by heat treatment increase its hardness to HB380-HB500. (carbon steel: 250 HB, heat treated boron steel: 400-450 HB and new abrasion resistant thru-hardened steel: 480-530 HB.) Therefore, these cutting edges have a very high impact ductility that suitable for different hard working conditions.

Spade Lips

Bolt-On Edges

Bolt-On Segments

Straight and half arrow

Straight Lips

Bolt-On Edges (straight and half arrow)

Bolt-On Segments (straight and half arrow)

Bolt-On End Bits (straight and half arrow)

Bulldozer Blades

Cutting Edges

End Bits

Hot Cupped and Cast

Scraper Blades

Cutting Edges

Router Bits

Grader Blades

Cutting Edges

End Bits


Scarifies & Tips

Wear Plates

Flat Sections

Single Bevel Sections

Double Bevel Sections

Up to 24 long

End Bits & Side Cutters

YNCORP End Bits & Side Cutters, also divided into General Purpose and Heavy-duty Purpose, are suitable for many different working conditions. In order to make your work more easy and efficient, we recommend you to choose Heavy-duty Purposes, cause End Bits & Side cutters of this category are characterized by their thickness and self-sharpening character which will surely save your working cost.

End Bits

Router Bits

Side Cutters

Bucket Teeth & Adapters

YNCORP Bucket Teeth & Adapters are also of excellent quality , our own researched materials are used in these products and from casting to heat treatment is strictly inspected by our professional workers to ensure the quality. The hardness of our Bucket Teeth & Adapters are up to HRC48-53, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions.

Side Pin Teeth And Adapter For CAT J200, J225, J250, J300, J400, J450/460, J550, J600, J700, J800

Teeth And Adapter For CAT Side Dump Bucket

Unitooth For CAT 20, 25, 30, 35

Ripper Teeth For CAT R300, R350, R450, R500, R550

Ripper Guards And Ripper Shanks For CAT

Grader Shanks And Teeth For CAT

Weld-on Heel Shrouds For CAT

Side Bar Protectors For CAT

Side Pin Teeth And Adapter For KOM PC60PC1250

Unitooth For KOM WA30WA600

Ripper Teeth For KOM

Conical Teeth And Adapter For ESCO 18, 22, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55

Super Conical Teeth And Adapter For ESCO: 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86

Helilok teeth And Adapter For ESCO: 21, 27, 37, 47, 57

Ripper Teeth For ESCO: 22, 25, 35, 39

Teeth And Adapter For H & L: 23, 24

Teeth For HENSLEY: 156, 220, 290, 310, 330, 370, 400, 410, 550

Teeth And Adapter For VOLVO

Teeth And Adapter For BOFORS B0, B1, B2, B3, B4

Teeth And Adapter For FIAT 22, 24, 26, 28

Teeth & Adapter For BOBCAT

Unitooth For HMK


Teeth And Adapter For HYUNDAI

V Series Teeth And Adapter For DAEWOO

Side Pin Ned Teeth And Adapter For DAEWOO


Unitooth For KAWASAKI

MINI Unitooth


Unitooth For Fiat Hitachi Fiat New Holland

Unitooth For JCB

Teeth And Adapter For Hitachi

Teeth And Adapter For Case

Bolts, Nuts and Pins

Scarifier cutter YNCORP Bolts are divided into 12.9 grade, 10.9 grade and 8.8 grade, suitable for heavy-duty and high-wear parts. Nuts are processed by quench-hardening to increase the hardness so as to match the hardness of our bolts. In order to make our Pins to match our Bucket Teeth in hard working conditions, all the Pins are also processed by this quench-hardening.

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