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Sinowon SST Series CCT Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

Sinowon SST Series CCT Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

SST-600-CCT、SST-1000-CCT 、SST-2000-CCT
12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days

The CCT compound cycle corrosion test chamber can perform traditional salt spray, dry and wet alternating mixed salt spray tests, and most automotive cycle corrosion tests.

Specifically for the requirements of the specifications, we have developed and designed functional modes such as salt spray, condensation humidity, relative humidity control, air drying, salt water immersion, automatic spraying, rotating spraying, low temperature, etc., to test metal parts, electrophoretic coating parts, paint coating parts, electronic components, etc.

Product Characteristic 

u The box is a fully corrosion-resistant structure made of multilayer glass fiber polyester resin box and corrosion-resistant materials.

u The touch screen programmable controller can be operated in both Chinese and English, and can collect data.

u The specific nozzle can evenly spray the solution on the sample, and the solution flow can be adjusted automatically.

u  The nozzle is installed on a separate module, which can be easily removed when the atomization function is enabled.

uThe spraying area is large, the flow rate is high, and the spraying time is shorter than the atomizing solution under the salt spray function.

u It can directly program the spray on/off time to better control the corrosion rate.

uStandard test sample supports are provided to accommodate flat panel samples.  For oversized and overweight 3D samples (such as automotive wheel hubs, engine parts, etc.), grille kits with the same height as the supports can be used.  The box structure is sturdy and can evenly distribute the load.











Exterior Dimensions(W*D*H)mm




Temperature Range


Test Fluid

Purified water (or deionized water) + sodium chloride

Power Supply Requirements

220V 50HZ, other voltage power supply controllable,   requirements to be provided

Compressed Air

40-120 Pai (self-provided air compressor)

Enviornment Mode:

Drying Mode                                                                                                                  Moisture control mode/Cooling mode                                                                                Condensation Mode

                              Spraying Mode                                                                                                                                                                                      Water mist mode

Meet the testing requirements of different standards, such as functionality

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