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Sinowon SDH-150 Altitude Test Chamber

Sinowon SDH-150 Altitude Test Chamber

12 months
Delivery Time
15-30 days





Altitude Test Chamber


2Capacity and Dimension

Nominal internal   volume


Internal   dimensions

External   dimensions

W500xH600xD500 mm

W1100xH1700xD1600   mm

3.Performance   index

Test Environmental   Conditions

When the ambient   temperature is 5-35 ℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 85% RH, and the cooling   water temperature is+25 degrees Celsius

Cooling method


Temperature range

-40℃ +150℃

Pressure Range

Atmospheric   pressure40kPa

Temperature rise   and fall rate

The   temperature rise rate from 20 ℃ to+85 ℃ is ≥ 2 ℃/min, with an average   nonlinearity throughout the entire process, when unloaded

The   cooling rate from 20 ℃ to -50 ℃ is ≥ 1 ℃/min, with an average non-linear   throughout the entire process, when unloaded

Temperature   fluctuation


Temperature   uniformity


Equivalent height   of atmospheric pressure


Setting pressure

Corresponding height


Sea level

75 Kpa

2438 Meter

70 Kpa

3048 Meter

54 Kpa

5000 Meter


Pressure deviation

≤±5%(240kPa) ≤±0.1kPa(≤2kPa)

Boost recovery   rate

≤10Kpa   /min

Execution of test   standards

GB/T2423.1-2001   Experiment A: Low temperature test method

GB/T2423.2-2001   Experiment B: High temperature test method

GB/T2423.21-1991   Test M: Low pressure test method

GB/T2423.25 Test   Z/AM: Low temperature/low pressure comprehensive test

GB/T2423.26试验Z/BMHigh temperature/low pressure   comprehensive test

GJB150.3-1986   High temperature test method

GJB150.4-1986   Low temperature test method

GJB360A    Method 105Low pressure test method

GJB150.2-86 Low   pressure (altitude) test

Design execution   standards

GB/T10589-2008   Technical conditions for low-temperature test chambers

GB/T11158-2008   Technical conditions for high-temperature test chambers

GB/T11159-2008   Technical conditions for low air pressure test chambers

Verification   standards

GB/T5170.2-2008   Temperature testing equipment

GB/T5170.10-1996  High, low   temperature, and low pressure testing equipment


4.   Structural configuration

4.1 Pressure bearing box

A) Pressure   bearing method: internal pressure bearing

Using high-quality   thickened stainless-steel plate SUS304 internal pressure box, the inner wall   is smooth and flat all around, without burrs and pits, easy to clean, and   there will be no water accumulation during use

B) Outer wall   material: double-sided galvanized steel plate, surface spray coating   treatment

C) Box insulation   material: rigid polyurethane foam glass fiber (thickness greater than 80mm)

D) Door insulation   material: fiberglass

E) All gaps have   TIG (Tungsten Arc Inert Gas Shielded Welding) seamless welding completed

4.2 Pressure balancing device

Equipped with manual automatic pressure relief (boosting) device


1) Manual ball valve, located on the right side of the box (pressure increase speed depends on manual opening)


2) Automatic pressure relief valve: inside the rear unit

4.3 Pressure   testing verification

1 external   pressure testing interface (on the right side of the box)

4.4 Door and Window

Single door, the inner panel is made of   stainless steel, and the outer panel is made of spray coated steel plate.

One insulated glass observation window with   high load-bearing capacity and anti-condensation heat distribution on the   door.

Door frame backup anti condensation electric   heating device

4.5 Illumination

Window built-in LED light

4.6 Internal and external wiring devicesVacuum sealed aviation socket (optional accessory, see item 10)
4.7 Control panel

Bracket type touch screen controller

(without panel)

4.8 Device movement method

This device is a fixed foot, please use a   forklift to move it

5. Air Circulation System

5.1 Air supply mode

Forced convection, upward blowing and downward   return air method

5.2 Air supply device

Two sets of axial flow fans driven by three-phase   asynchronous motors


By using an external motor and magnetohydrodynamic   transmission, the rotating fan blades are driven to stir the air and form   convection


A) All aluminum three-phase asynchronous motor,   not less than 1/2HP, 370W


B) Aluminum axial flow fan blade: large diameter   400mm

5.3 Transmission sealing method

Magnetic fluid   transmission

A) Magnetic fluid   seal, high vacuum 0.1Kpa level airtightness

B) Water cooling   method, equipped with dedicated temperature protection, reliable and stable

5.4 Temperature measurement control method

Air forced   circulation balance temperature regulation method

1) Main   temperature control: Precisely control the temperature inside the box, and   the temperature measurement probe adopts A-level high-precision armored   platinum resistor

2) Studio   independent overtemperature protection temperature controller: The   temperature probe is installed inside the studio, and the upper limit can be   set. When the protection action is activated, the contactor is driven to   disconnect the power supply of the heating tube

3) Heating tube   chamber overtemperature protection: independent temperature controller,   temperature probe installed in the heating tube chamber, upper limit can be   set,

Drive the   contactor to disconnect the power supply of the heating tube during the   protection action, in order to prevent the fan from stopping in case of   abnormal conditions

Long term   "dry burning" of heating tubes

6. Vacuum system

6.1 Pressure control method

Adopting dynamic   pressure balance method. This method refers to controlling the output of the   vacuum electromagnetic baffle valve through PID automatic calculation output   based on the set pressure point under continuous operation of the vacuum   system, adjusting the amount of air intake, and ultimately achieving a   dynamic balance

6.2 vacuum pump

Direct connected air-cooled single-stage oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump

A) The integrated high-quality oil mist filter effectively solves fuel injection and smoke, prolonging product life.

B) The sealing element is made of fluor rubber material, providing corrosion resistance and solving the problem of oil leakage.

C) Multi stage gas town design to meet the vacuum requirements and steam treatment capabilities of different customers.

D) Japanese Mori Seiji horizontal machining center high-precision machining ensures high reliability of products.

E) The pump and motor are designed as a whole, lighter and smaller

6.3 Electric proportional control ball valve

Controlled by the   PID output signal of the controller, proportionally adjusting the size of the   suction diameter opening, and high-precision controlling the vacuum degree   inside the box

6.4 Main components of vacuum pipeline

The vacuum joint   valve components are all made of high-quality domestic products in the system

A) All stainless   steel pipeline

B) Standard   stainless steel KF external connections and accessories

C) Stainless steel   KF vacuum corrugated flexible hose

6.5 Pressure sensor

Imported diffused   silicon core

7. Refrigeration system

7.1   Refrigeration method

Mechanical   compression refrigeration method (water-cooled)

7.2 Refrigeration energy-saving technology

Temperature   balance method: Adopting static balance technology, namely the balance method   of "cooling process without heating" and "heating process   without cooling", it is different from the traditional dynamic balance   technology of "cold and hot dynamic balance" of high-power   refrigeration against high-power heating

Technique, that   is, when the compressor needs to be turned on (the central controller   automatically determines whether to turn on the compressor based on the   working conditions)

The central   controller adjusts the refrigerant flow rate according to different   temperature points to control the cooling capacity, ensuring that the   equipment operates in a relatively low power consumption state at all times

Temperature   balance method: Adopting static balance technology, namely the balance method   of "cooling process without heating" and "heating process   without cooling", it is different from the traditional dynamic balance   technology of "cold and hot dynamic balance" of high-power   refrigeration against high-power heating

Technique, that   is, when the compressor needs to be turned on (the central controller   automatically determines whether to turn on the compressor based on the   working conditions)

The central   controller adjusts the refrigerant flow rate according to different   temperature points to control the cooling capacity, ensuring that the   equipment operates in a relatively low power consumption state at all times

7.3 Refrigeration compressor

Two Tecumseh sealing   compressors

7.4 Evaporator

Hydrophilic film   finned copper aluminum heat exchanger

7.5 Condenser

Shell and tube   water-cooled heat exchanger

7.6 Throttling device

Pulse regulated   expansion valve

7.7 Refrigerant

R404A/R23The ozone depletion index is all 0

7.8 Welding technology

Adopting   high-quality oxygen free copper pipes, nitrogen filled welding, and high   pressure and leakage prevention processes to ensure welding quality

8. Controller

8.1 Controller composition

High precision resistive touch screen+Q1-TESR temperature   control module

8.2 Display

7-inch TFT true color LCD display screen (Resolution 800 * 480)

8.3 Input

2 sets of inputs, supporting dry ball PT100 and pressure   transmitter

8.4 Resolution

Temperature 0.1 ℃; Pressure 0.1KPA

8.5 Capacity

50 sets of programs * 50 segments (can be looped 999 times   each), the number of segments required for each set of programs can be   arbitrarily divided, and each set of programs can be freely connected to each   other (up to 20 steps of connection)

8.6 Operation mode

Fixed value/program operation mode

8.7 Output

 PID+SSR/SCR automatic   forward and reverse bidirectional synchronous output

8.8 Software function

1 set of programming control software system, with the main   functions as follows:

1. Temperature and humidity curve:

Paperless recording: Equipped with a built-in recording program,   the controller's memory can store data for 24 hours and run for 300 days

Can easily generate temperature and humidity curve files   automatically and convert them into XLS tables;

2. Perfect interface:


External USB port: can be directly connected to the printer,   enabling local data to be printed online,


It is easy to export historical curves and other data using a   USB port and a USB flash drive.


External LAN standard network interface: Without the need for   dedicated server configuration, it can be easily connected to the company's   computer local area network. A maximum of 16 devices can be connected and   monitored, making it convenient and fast.

Equipped with RS-485 or RS232 standard communication interfaces,   it can be controlled and managed online with computers Equipped with all   Chinese upper computer software and providing communication protocols The   upper computer acquisition program is written by the user, which includes   protocols for opening temperature signals, various alarm and protection   signals, and fault/shutdown status signals of the test box, in order to   upload the temperature box temperature in real-time to the upper computer   monitoring system. At the same time, a system fault and abnormal alarm   digital node is provided. The upper computer monitoring system needs to   collect the fault/shutdown signals of the test box, in order to achieve   synchronous power-off between the sample and the temperature and humidity box   through the main controller

3. Real time monitoring can achieve: simultaneously monitoring   the operation status of 1-16 controllers, such as monitoring real-time data   of controllers, signal point status, actual output status, etc

Support remote (external) fault diagnosis:

Technicians can leave ports through the network with the   assistance of customers, open IE browser, enter the IP address of the   controller, and enter the login interface to select operations or monitoring   for diagnosis

4. Timing control

Two sets of timing output control interfaces, paired with   10-time control modes, can provide switch signal output according to program   settings. Note that it is only a control signal, and the test power supply   inside the box needs to be separately connected and equipped with a dedicated   power supply system

5. Fault display

16 sets of fault alarm outputs, with user-friendly prompts in   both Chinese and English for the cause and troubleshooting methods

9. Other circuit systems

9.1 Device status indication

Standard three color lights

9.2 Heater

Nickel chromium   alloy finned heater

Heater control   mode: contactless equal cycle pulse width modulation, SSR (solid-state relay)

9.3 Power Distribution cabinet

Independent sealed   electrical cabinet, effectively dustproof, extends the service life of   electrical appliances

Protection level   IP54

10. Accessory  

10.1 standard configuration

1. Sample rack   type 2

2. Power cord 5   meters

3. State three   color light type 1

10.2 Optional

1. Sample rack   (can be added)

2. Sample wiring   aviation socket (optional)

10.3 Shipping and acceptance   documents

1. Operation manual and maintenance manual

2. Certificate of conformity

3. Equipment related drawings (circuit diagrams, etc.)


4. Control system PC software

5. This equipment has been inspected by our company's quality   inspection center before leaving the factory, and an inspection report with a   validity period of one year has been issued

11. Operation   Condition

11.1 Ambient condition

1.   Environmental temperature: 5 ℃ -35 ℃;

2.   Relative humidity: not more than 85% R H

3.   Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa

4.   A flat and vibration free ground;

5.   Choose well ventilated areas without direct sunlight or other heat sources;

6.   No strong airflow around: When the surrounding air needs to be forced to   flow, the airflow should not directly blow onto the box;

7.   There is no strong electromagnetic field influence around;

8.   There is no high concentration of dust or corrosive substances in the   surrounding area

12. Power   supply and cooling water

12.1 Power specification: 5-wire type

1. Connect the   power supply to three-phase 380V AC (± 10%)+neutral wire+ protective ground   wire, with a grounding resistance of ≤ 4 Ω;

2. Power   frequency: 50 ± 0.5 Hz

3. Power switch:   3P 40 A (molded case circuit breaker)

12.2   Power

Power 12 kW

Maximum Operating   Current 15 A

12.3 Cooling water system

1. It is recommended to choose a cooling water tower: 15 RT

2. Water pipe size: 1 inch, with a laying length of less than   10O meters.

3. Water pressure: 0.1MPa~0.3MPa

4. Circulating water volume: approximately 130 liters per minute

5. The water tower pipeline and installation   engineering need to be quoted separately, and the buyer needs to provide   relevant site information.

12.4 Equipment weight

Approximately   1500KG

13. After-sale   service

13.1 Acceptance   Criteria

Designed   and manufactured in accordance with national standards GB/T10586-2006 and   GB/T10592-1989.

*The   calibration standards are in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 and   GB/T5170.5-2008

Kind   reminder: The temperature uniformity in GB/T5170.5-2008 refers to the   condition of no load


List of Main Materials



Specification   (W*H*D)

Place of origin

A Structural part

Chamber box

Cold rolled steel   plate baking paint


Pressure bearing   inner box

#304 Stainless steel




30*40CM   Multi-layer vacuum


Baking varnish


Circulating motor



B Refrigeration   Unit



Fully sealed piston




Fin Type




3/8 Fin Type


Oil separator


AW Series






Refrigerant Window




Solenoid valve




Expansion valve




Refrigerant and   consumables




C. Control Unit








Swiss IC

Power switch


Loas switch






Heating pipe


Nickel-chromium alloy fin type


Thermal relay



Solid state relay








Electric relay





0.75~10 Square


D. Vacuum system

Vacuum pump


Air cooled single-stage oil seal rotary disc

GermanyMade in China

Magnetic fluid axial flow fan




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