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approved metallurgical equipment inquire now for LCD

approved metallurgical equipment inquire now for LCD

Approved metallurgical equipment inquire now for LCD

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Company Advantages
1. Once Sinowon metallurgical testing equipment is removed from the mold, it has to undergo further processing. It will be added to a variety of finishes and textures to add an aesthetic touch. A team of experienced talents is gathered to support the product sales
2. If you need high quality metallurgical equipment , it will be a wise choice to choose us. It is easy to operate, with fast speed
3. The product produced under the circumstances we set meets the strictest quality criteria. The product can be controlled in a motorized way, to eliminate errors caused by manual operation

approved metallurgical equipment inquire now for LCD-1

The AC-250 series are tabletop/floor standing automatic cutters with high performance. This is a versatile cutting machine designed for  sectioning an extremely wide range of materials, such as metals, fasteners, rocks and ceramics, polymers, composites, electronics, semiconductors, biomaterials, etc. The machine integrates the optimized precision cutting technology with advanced control system to provide excellent cut quality and high throughput.

Product Feature

◆ Powerful motor to reduce cutting time and provide high productivity

◆ Smart feed. The machine can adjust the feed speed in real time with the load changes

◆ Cutting modes: Y-continuous, Y-pulse, Z-continuous, Z-pulse, slicing (different model, different cutting mode)

◆ Versatile industrial joystick with X, Y, Z axis. Easy to use

◆ 8 inch color touchscreen for simple operation and user friendliness

◆ Electrical brake for faster stopping of the blade

◆ Chamber illumination with LED

◆ Aluminum casting base, powder coated

◆ T-slot Table made of stainless and aluminum alloy

◆ Fast Cam Locking Vises, made of 304 stainless steel

◆ Left cover made of composites by integral molding

◆ Mobile plastic recirculation coolant tank

◆ Independent pump for cleaning the chamber

◆ Optional laser alignment aid






Y Feed


Z Feed




X Feed




Cutting mode

Continuous, Pulse

Continuous, Pulse

Continuous, Pulse



Blade speed (rpm)


Table Dimensions



X Travel




Main Motor



110/220V AC, 50-60Hz,   1 Phase


Diamond Blade

SiC blade

Alumina Blade

Fast Cam Locking Vises

Vertical Clamping vise

Laser alignment aid

Plastic tank

Plastic tank with magnetic filter

Cutting fluid

Centrifugal separator

Base Bench



approved metallurgical equipment inquire now for LCD-2

Company Features
1. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. is an important national metallurgical equipment backbone enterprise with many years of operating history. Sinowon has been also specialized in researching and developing metallographic equipment with exquisite quality.
2. Was it not for our advanced technology, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. may not produce such high quality metallographic polishing .
3. One of the most important advantages lies in our high quality for polishing equipment. We have defined our business philosophy - We aim to provide the best outcome for our customers, in terms of products and services.
Sinowon metallurgical testing equipment has passed a series of quality tests. They involve fabric shrinkage rate, water repellency, resilience, colorfastness, pilling resistance, and materials ingredients.
Comprehensive tests are performed to assess the quality of Sinowon metallographic equipment. They include mechanical testing, chemical testing, finish testing, and flammability testing.
The design of Sinowon polishing equipment aims to improve garment performance. It covers aspects such as stiffness, fabric strength, colorfastness, air permeability, handiness, hygiene, comfort, etc.
During the production of Sinowon metallurgical equipment, several stages are covered. They are the collection of different foot types, CAD pattern design, material preparation, machining, and trimming.
Approaches for measuring Sinowon metallurgical testing equipment differ. The product will be laid on a flat surface or fitted on a model or dummy to check its seams, stitches, size, etc.
Sinowon adopts the advanced developed experience to make the maintaince of polishing equipment easy.
metallurgical testing equipment are recognized for their excellent properties such as metallographic equipment.
metallurgical testing equipment has the functions such as polishing equipment as compared with other similar products.
metallographic polishing is widely used in metallurgical equipment field, with a promising application prospect and tremendous market potential.
[核心关键词 has the characteristics of metallurgical equipment and long life, it may bring social benefits.
Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited., together with all its employees, provides high quality metallographic equipment and the best service for all costumers.
Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. has established perfect management system ensure normal operating, good quality control and support for the production of metallographic polishing.
If there is any serious problems, metallographic equipment can be replaced within three months after buying.
Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited.'s production capacity can meet the market's ravenous demand for metallurgical testing equipment.
Without metallographic polishing, polishing equipment can't be such a great success.
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