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AutoVicky ZHV-30A Automatic Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

AutoVicky ZHV-30A Automatic Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

AutoVicky ZHV-30A Automatic Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

AutoVicky ZHV-30A
12 month
Delivery Time
ASTM E-92, ISO 6507, GB/T4340
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Company Advantages
1. The body framework of Vision Measuring Machine using vickers hardness indenter concept has more advantages. Imported materials and accessories are used in product manufacturing
2. Compared with other Vision Measuring Machine manufacturers, Sinowon Metrology Instrument has more comprehensive R&D capabilities. The product can be controlled in a motorized way, to eliminate errors caused by manual operation
3. It is rigorously tested on various parameters of quality to ensure high durability. It is supported by multiple languages say English, Turkish, and German
4. A series of quality tests is conducted on the entire range to seek out any possible defect. Its quality and accuracy are improved every year

AutoVicky ZHV-30A Automatic Macro Vickers Hardness Tester-1

Sinowon AutoVicky ZHV-30A is Auto macro Vickers hardness tester with outfit of motorized X-Y auto-stage, it has auto-measurement about the indentation of Vickers, and it can make measurement of case depth automatically, it eliminates human operation error, largely improves working efficiency, makes Vickers hardness testing measurement more accurate and uncomplicated. 

Product Characteristics 

◆ Auto-stage, Auto-Turret, Auto-measurement and Vickers testing system; 

◆ Loading-force: Precise dead weights ensures the loading force system reliably and precisely;

◆ Optical-path: High-resolution optical microscopy path makes image of indention sharply and excellent; 

◆ Auto-Turret: the switch position of Vickers indenters and 10x/20x objectives is repeatable and accurately; 

◆ Auto-stage: it is driven by precise step motor with large travel size 100x100mm and heavy load ability ; 

◆ Auto-Measurement: automatic hardness testing and measurement software:3A can control hardness tester and data communication, includes the switch of 10x, 20x objectives and Vickers indenter, auto loading, dwell and unloading, single or multiple indentation, set step distance, movement mode, auto record indentation dialog line and hardness value, auto generate CHD depth and hardness curve, error statistics, test times group statistics, generate Excel and Word format report. 

Product Application 

Vickers method is based on an optical measurement system, it specifies a range of light loads using a diamond indenter to make an indentation which is measured and converted to a hardness value. It is very useful for testing on a wide type of materials, but test samples must be polished to enable measuring the size of the impressions. A square base pyramid shaped diamond is used for testing in the Vickers scale. "Macro" Vickers loads can range up to 50 kg or more.

Macro Vickers hardness methods are used to test on metals, and composites - almost any type of material. Since the test indentation is small in a Vickers test, it is useful for a variety of applications: testing very thin materials like foils or measuring the surface of a part, small parts or small areas, measuring individual microstructures, or measuring the depth of case hardening by sectioning a part and making a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness. 



Automatic Marco Vickers Hardness Tester


AutoVicky ZHV-30A







Test Load


0.3 / 0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30


2.942/ 4.903/ 9.807 / 29.421 / 49.035 / 98.07 /   196.14 / 294.21



10x  and 20x  


5x, 40X


Automatic loading, dwell and unloading

Dwell Time

5 ~ 99 s can be adjustable

Turret System


160mm Dual Optical

Microscopy System

High-resolution Optical Microscopy Path

10x digital measuring eyepiece

20x objective for Vickers measurement

0.5x C-mount with camera for dual vision   measurement


Optical observation magnification : 100x ( 10x   Objective and 10x Eyepiece )

Optical measurement magnification :200x ( 20x   Objective and 10x Eyepiece )

Digital observation magnification: 350x

Digital measurement magnification: 700x

Light Source

LED parallel Illuminator

Digital Image System

0.5x C-adapter and 1.3Mpixel CMOS camera

Max. Specimen Height


Max. Specimen Depth


Hardness Scale






200 × 180 mm

X-Y Travel

100 × 100 mm


Step motor



Driving Controller


Hardness Testing Software

3A: Auto-stage; Auto-measurement

PC system

DELL OptiPlex3046MT

LCD monitor

21.5” Dell LCD Monitor

Executive Standard

ASTM E-92, ISO 6507, GB/T4340


W 226 × D 560 × H 660 mm

Net. Weight


Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60 Hz

Company Features
1. Sinowon has completely established a relatively complete technical system to produce Vision Measuring Machine .
2. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. adheres to the development concept of respecting life and the trend of development. Call now!
Sinowon vickers hardness indenter is designed and manufactured at par the market prevalent norms. This product has outstanding conductivity, which improves transcription quality
The offered Sinowon vickers hardness indenter is produced by our extraordinary experts using the best technology and unique ideas. Adopting advanced Japanese technology, it promotes excellent printing results
Efficient production process: the production process of Sinowon Vision Measuring Machine has been streamlined and the efficient production process minimizes waste and brings the product to market in the most cost-effective manner possible. With strong hardness, it is not likely to break during the printing
Sinowon vickers hardness indenter is made of super quality raw materials selected from reputable suppliers. The product features fast installation and low maintenance
Sinowon Vision Measuring Machine is manufactured using the latest machinery and known for its reliable attributes. The images printed using this product are resistant to chemicals, wear, smudging, and moisture
This product complies with international quality standards. Images printed by this product has strong colorfastness
After rigorous testing and testing, the product is qualified for high performance and quality. With its heat resistance materials, it brings high definition printing results
This product has the advantages of long service life and excellent performance. Using this product will effectively reduce the pinhole phenomenon in printing
The product excels in performance, durability and usability. It brings excellent fixing effect even it is used in different kinds of thickness of papers
The product is guaranteed by our professional and responsible QC team to meet the industry standards. Adopting advanced Japanese technology, it promotes excellent printing results
With its aesthetic and functional characteristics, this product provides an effective space solution for a variety of places including offices, dining facilities, and hotels. It brings excellent fixing effect even it is used in different kinds of thickness of papers
The product integrates the storage, washing, cook, upper and lower water supply and drainage or other functions as a whole. Its Japan-introduced materials can bear pressure when working with high intensity
People can benefit a lot from this product. It can withstand heavy use and it's less susceptible to deformation caused by the heavy load. The abrasion resistance guarantees its consistent print quality
This product can truly make a difference in one's day to day life, so it's worth investing in some. The product features fast installation and low maintenance
This product has a major impact on people's confidence. Dressing this beautiful garment can be a huge boost to people's daily morale. The product has good tear strength, not being damaged by high-pressure printing condition
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